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Weekend of 10-10-09

My forum post form - 10-10-09

I had a good ride - there were about 6 of us on the 50 - we split into two groups at the rest stop - I am not sure why. We got sprinkled on a couple of time but did not get wet. THis must be a day for Garmin problems mine did not get the second part of the ride but it is below anyway. We saw a number of other cyclist out there including a number of ladies from the Tour de Femme - I heard they had about 300 hundred cyclist - was also nice to run into Rover Dave helping at one of their rest stops. I did not take many pictures today but do have a few also a couple of the Tour de Femme ladies. Thanks for the pump Dave the tire did not go down again I must have left the value open.
I ran out of gas at about mile 42 - I am eating less but still having trouble balancing eating little enough to lose weight, eating enough to ride and keep my blood sugar ok - at about mile 46 I got my legs back.

My GPS data such as it is is HERE

My pictures are HERE

My forum post from - 10-11-09

What a great ride - weather looked a little poor but except for being a bit cool it was nice. Sun even came out after I got back. I did get cold but that was my fault - I assumed it would warm up more than it did - guess I need at least some cold weather get with me all the time now. Rode the 43 mile - completely new route and roads for me - very nice very pretty a few less than great road surfaces but most were nice to very nice and the view was great - we evne had a little color in the trees. I had been told the riding North of Raleigh was very hilly but did not find the hills to be as tough as the 42 miles Team CBC ride - there were more hills but just not as hard. I started about 10 minutes behind the main group so did not get many pictures but I have a few and I accidentally restarted my Garmin before resetting it so the route looks funny but if you want to see it the loop is there to see. I did average 17 5 which is very good for me and I enjoyed the ride a lot. There was lots of food for after the ride and it was good. All in all a good event.

My GPS data is HERE

My pictures are HERE

My weight today is 352.0 pounds

Well I got the tires replaced Friday evening and that went well - I guess I have a slow leak in the left had one - need to replace that tube before this weekend.

I ordered and got Utah Trikes steering mod for my Tour - if is suppose to let one turn sharper with out making the trike harder to control. I hope to install it this week and see but the weather looks bad for that.

I also ordered and received a new jersey from Aero Tech Design's they make in the USA and sell a whole line of cycling clothing but also have large sizes - I could not get them to move the pocket to the front but I beleive I can get that done here in Raleigh. I will let you all know how that goes. It wil be nice to have some more and new jerseys. They have my size in White and Blue.

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