Saturday, October 3, 2009

No harm but I guess it is a foul

From my forum post -

I had a great ride so did turtle - I did not have the great legs today as the last couple of rides or most likely this ride was just faster - I averaged 17 mph - I did enjoy the ride and the being pushed.
The others on the ride were great and a lot of fun to ride with.
I did have one strange and slightly unpleasant event. After the store/rest-stop a number of car were passing the group - I was about 8 bike lengths behind the group and the cars were passing us in groups. Toward the end of one group a black SUV passed me and pulled close to the shoulders then half way up the hill he almost stopped - there was traffic in the other lane and a ditch to my right - all I could do was stop - thankfully Turtle has two disk brakes on the front wheels also it is almost impossible to do a header and she has a lot of braking power - no real problem except for losing all my momentum - trikes can also start pretty easily on hills - when the black SUV pulled away there was no other traffic in front of him - I can only guess he did it just to be a pain - well no harm but I guess it is a foul

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