Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick all weekend

I hate being sick - I went in to work late Friday because I had trouble Thursday night and did not sleep much and was still not feeling well Friday morning. I did go into work for two hours but left early and went home. I did go out to dinner with my Dad, brother and youngest nephew, I had no fever but did not feel good mostly I wanted to see my brother and nephew who I do not see enough of and it is always nice to see Dad. After that I don't think I left the house. The weather was not great for riding but not so bad I would not have tried if I felt better. I got so depressed - not sure if it was the weather, not feeling well enough to ride and there for not riding or just being stuck inside - most likely a combination of all three. This depression thing is real annoying and even through I knew I was depressed I could not get myself to get up and do anything. I could have gone for a walk and through about it but could not get myself to do it. So was I depressed because I did not feel good or did I not feel good or anything really because I was depressed. I did eat correctly at least, I even ate a little less than I do when I am getting exercises that at least was good - Oh I wanted to eat there just did not seem like there was anything else to do but that at least I did not do. I have not had any problem with depression when I can go and ride. I was having a lot until I started riding and walking to the point where my Doctor want me to start taking something for it - I even bought the stuff but never too them. I do not really mind if I need to ride and walk to keep the blues away I have no plans on stopping either but if they are part of the cure what does one do when one cannot do them? I have heard that runner and other who exercise a lot and hard can get some sort of addiction to it, I am not sure if this is true but I find it hard to beleive I do enough of either to fall into the category of someone who exercises a lot. I do not expect to find an answer to this - I just needed to talk about it. We have something at work where employees can call a number and talk to a health professional most of them are nurses I believe about medical problems however even through they are encouraging us to exercise, lose weight and get fit the people at the other end of that phone line seem to have no expertise in exercise or fitness which I find hard to understand. I have called twice and asked if they had an exercise physiologist of physical trainer and they did not know what I was talking about. If they really want us to exercise, lose weight and get fitter one would think that they would have at least one such person.

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