Saturday, April 10, 2010

CNC Spring 2010 Saturday

No problems today at all unless you count the people who arrived and setup their camp at the indoor camping at about 12:34 AM, they really did not make much noise, or the lady who inflated her air matters with a noisy electric pump at 4:33 AM. I slept pretty well maybe it had something to do with being up since 4AM in the morning or the nice 64 miles ride I did. I got up around 7 AM so I could get ready and meet the group for the Boy Scouts pancake breakfast. It was pretty good and included sausage so I got some protein. The pancakes were good also. Jeff and I were planning to do the 50 mile route and everyone else was doing the century. Jeff and I were ready and since the routes are the same for a while we departed with the group. It was a fun group and Chris had us really moving. I got to the first rest stop with an average of 16.8 mph. I was drafting a good bit of the way. Jeff was feeling better when we got to the rest stop he asked if I would mind if he rode the century with the the group. I was pleased he was feeling better and riding well and told him to please go ahead a do it - it was nice of him to ask. I found out at dinner that they had picked up Tim at the rest stop and he rode with the them, I did not even know Tim. I rode solo the rest of the day which was fine. I got to have a nice breakfast and a good 17 mile ride with the group and enjoy my solo run also. I was really pushing it. Everytime I would see a rider somewhere ahead of me I would find myself trying to bridge to them and pass them. They of course were just riding but I did enjoy passing them. I do not pass many cyclist most of the time. I must have passed four dozen cyclist it was fun. The first rest stop was at 17 miles and the second and last was at about 35 miles. I knew this battery would give out at about 29 to 30 miles and it did tank at about 29.5 miles. I was ridding pretty well so I just kept on riding without it. I dropped in speed a little and it took me longer to accelerate back up to pace but otherwise I did just fine until I hit the WIND. When I left the rest stop I lost about one mph on my average speed by the time I got through town. I had been trying to get it back up since I left the town. I had it up to 16.4 when the battery went out and I was about 6 miles from the rest stop. Without the Bionx and due to the head wind I lost .5 mph on my average speed by the time I got to the rest stop. And I was tired but they had PB&J - so wonderful - I ate one and a half. I put on the second battery and took off - surprise surprise no head wind and a tail wind to boot. I rolled into Edenton at 16.4 mph and was down to 16.0 mph at the end of the ride. I finished the ride with half a battery of power left - I was tempted to kick it up to level two but did not. I have ridden the whole trip so far on level one. I have been ridden at level one most of the time since I put the Bionx back on the trike. I guess I can think I am improving because I use to run it on level two or somethings three last year. If I am thinking about this correctly I only need to improve my power to mass ratio by increasing it 25% - mmm still sounds like a lot. One thing today I left the transmitter of my heart rate monitor at camp so I could not monitor it. I just tried to keep myself just below the panting breathing. It was a very pretty ride but a lot of it was the same as the 60mile route however since it was so much better weather today it was sort of like seeing it for the first time. After the ride I came back to the camp and rested then showered and went down for dinner. Saw Perry, Rick, Jeff and Wayne. Never saw Lear or Tim. Had a lot of questions and comments about Turtle. Several people sat on her and a couple took a short ride. Then back here to get ready for bed and write this. I had a really good day. Looking forward to Sunday. Well they have turned out the lights and I am ready sleep so until later.

My GPS data is HERE

Sorry no pictures that are worth publishing.

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