Saturday, April 3, 2010

MisFits MS Spring Fling 04-03-10

I had a great ride. One of the best I have had in a while. This was a great ride for me. It was bit short but I was not able to do the 50 so the 25 had to do. The event was well organized, well staffed, the route was great - some of the best roads I have ridden on and blasting through intersections because they seem to law officers at every intersection was really cool. The rest stops were great and the people friendly. The food at the end was good and there was lots of it. I enjoyed this ride.

Knowing this was a pretty short ride I decided to really push it after the beginning when there was a big crowd I got in the biggest gear I could turn and really pushed it. I had my cadence up above 70 a lot of the time and was pedaling about 95% of the time. I even pedaled though some to the wide corners. it was great and felt good. I only stopped at the first rest stop for a nature break and only at the second long enough to eat two pieces of banana and three pieces of orange. I passed a lot of people. I never compare myself to other cyclist because of the Bionx but it was fun. Most of the time I am at or off the tail end of the rides I do but not today. I love going fast or at least what is fast for me. I feel I got a pretty good workout inspite of the short milage my caffs and quads are achy and a bit tired - which is what I wanted.

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Ken and Jen said...

Hi Ashby! Got caught up on your blog this morning. We have SORE thighs today too! These HILLS are big! Glad to hear you got your trike fixed. How's it doing? And how are you doing? Drop us an email! Jen and Ken