Sunday, April 25, 2010

Greenfield trainning ride

Do to the predicted 80% chance of rain the Team CBC ride was canceled and I understand doing that but it turned out to not rain at all as far as I know. So we could have ridden but there was no way to know that and it looked really bad this morning. So when the sun really came out I went to Greenfield and rode. I like Greenfield but it is kind of like a trainer except it is out doors after a while if gets old. Karen did make it out there also it was nice to see here and nice to have someone else out even if you only see them twice a lap when we passed.
Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the WIND. It was extreme. There were some placed that I believe if I stopped pedaling it would have stopped me and blown me the other direction. Of course this made for some truly assume tail winds also.

My GPS data is HERE

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