Saturday, April 17, 2010

Selma Cyclepaths - Winded at Wendell - 26.6 miles

From my forum post -

I had a real nice ride this morning. I liked the route pretty well and the roads were mostly good. I was still having a bit of pain but ti was not too bad. Funny it hurts less to ride than to stand, walk or drive my van. Was nice to see so many out to ride today. Looking forward to next week.

My GPS data is HERE

My pictures are HERE

So you may be wondering 'Where did the pictures come from - did he not say his camera was a vicitum of the storm at CNC Spring ride' Well he did and it was. I remembered that I had bought a video camera to do ride videos with but had found that even through it shot pretty good video on the trike there was just to much movement for it to handle - the videos came out like flowing water. I remember today that is also takes 5 mega pic. still pictures. It is harder to use on the trike and half the resolution of the HP Photosmart R967 but it is working so I have pictures again - enjoy. This one is a Aiptek GV5.

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