Sunday, April 11, 2010

CNC Srping 2010 Sunday

Today was a very nice day. Got up rode Turtle down to the park and met up with the group. Leah, Chris, Perry and I all when to a little shop in town for Breakfast, I had a really good bisect with egg, sausage and cheese with orange juice for about 5 bucks - nice. We then got together with Jeff, Tim and Wayne. Wayne was riding with some other friends so the rest of use took off on the 52 mile route with the plan that if we felt like it we would come back after the ride packup and maybe do another shorter ride. This route was different than the 50 miles rotue from the first two days and included crossing a long bridge with a rise in it. There was one rest stop that we used at about 17 miles and we hit it again on the way back. Nice ride better roads than the other 50 but we still had winds today even through the weather had been predicted to be calm. I enjoyed this ride. The weather was very nice except for when the wind got to blowing. Perry had me try pulling and found that even through he did not get as much of a draft off of me he said got a pretty good one and it was more than enough to be helpful and since I cut through

My GPS data is HERE

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