Thursday, April 1, 2010

Turtle is back together for now.

Terratrike came through - they sent me a new Boom 2nd air. I got it Wednesday so I spent Wednesday evening reassembling Turtle. They sent me the standard Boom and because they had not gotten the boom I sent them with my Schlumpf they could not have removed it. I am getting another boom from the but it is the one they get for their tandem. It is 2 to 3 inches longer and I hope will help with my seat position problem. It does not have the extra arm on it for the front derailleur because the tandem has the front derailleur on the stokers pedals. But with the Schlumpf drive I do not need it so it will work for me. THey will prepare it to receive the Schlumpf High Speed drive and install it the ship it to me I do have to pay for it but it is less than I could get one made for and it will have the Terratrike logo on it and should be a close color match I hope.

I put the original bottom bracket in the new boom and installed the original triple crank on it, installed the original front derailleur and the front Grip-Shift. I had to add just one chain link to get everything the right setup, some adjusting and everything seems to be working. I then put the Fairing back on and she is ready to ride, I could not test it - it was dark and I was real tired so I will take her to the Thursday night ride and hope for the best.

I changes my goal weight today, not because I did not want to get to 250 pounds - I really want to get to 200 pounds but when working on setting up the Zone diet I needed to know my lean body mass. I weight 355 now with 31.5% body fat. So my lean body mass is 335 minus 335 times 31.5% or about 230 pounds meaning to get below that I have to lose muscle or bone or something else which I prefer not to do. Ideal body fat for a male is 15% I dought if I can do that I have heard as one ages it get very hard to get to 15% so I amd going to target 18% and doing the math that makes my new goal weight about 270 pounds. 18% of 230 pounds is 41.4 pounds which is 230 plus 41.4 equals 271.4 pounds and I like 270 as my goal, it still seems like a lot to be a proper weight. So I changed my goal. Feels like I am cheating but I really am not but it feels that way. I hope I have not done anything worng with this.

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