Sunday, June 3, 2012

Captown Midtown Half Marathon

Good race - very well done race - the route was good if a bit hilly - it was very pretty - the weather was amazing for June 3rd - the volunteers was amazing - when I ran by the Tir na nOg water stop were yelling my name - I did not know that many of them knew my name - I was running well and having a good race - I was running sweep with Meri - it was a good run however at about mile 9 I tripped on what I think was a screw sticking up on the long bridge over the marsh - I went down hard landing mostly on my face, ribs and shoulder also hitting both knees and hands - with Meri, Robert, Sue, Harden, Lori, Buddy, Eric, Ivy among others help I finished - it was pretty difficult - I was able to run a little after the fall but later I was a having a lot of breathing enough to run so I walked in - Bert drove me home - it was a great help I most likely could have driven home but he offered and it seemed like a good idea - I was a little light headed during the drive home they also stayed for a little while to make sure I was OK - I really appreciated their kindness - I am very sore and in a far amount of pain but I seem to be OK - I did finish and got my medal - silly I guess but important to me -

Captown Midtown Half Marathon by ashby3

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