Saturday, June 9, 2012

Galloway Training Run #4

Great run - we had really nice weather for June the temperature did get up above 75 by the end but it is still a great day - I really wanted to run - it was my first run since the fall lad week at the half also it is very likely I will have to work next Saturday - I was still hurting a good bit with my ribs nothing else really gave me trouble but the ribs did hurt a good but and still made it hard to breath deeply - we had a good group and everyone seems to be have a good run - in spite of the fact that I missed a turn and we got off the route - we turned around but figured it was too far for it to be good for the newer running to run in safely so Meri called back to some of the other leader and arranged for pickup - I decided to take a ride back also my ribs were really hurting by then - Meri and Jafar with three other runners decided to finish and they ended up doing 10.5 miles -

Galloway Training Run #4 by ashby3

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