Saturday, June 2, 2012

Galloway Training Run

Good run we had a nice fun group today close to if not more than 25 ran with the Tapirs today - Emily had an injury and ran with the 18s Jafar ran today his first day as a leader - he did a good job - we were suppose to run 5 miles but the route that was setup was 6 miles - I ran well and had a good time and I did not think about it but this was really too far to run today - it was more than a 10% increase over the 4 mile run last weekend - I am very upset with myself for doing this - I hope we did not hurt anyone - Meri was with but was running with Iris which take her away from the group - we had a nice gathering after the run - a very good day - I am looking forward to sweeping the Captrust Sunday with Meri - I hope we have the same weather as we did today -

Galloway Training Run #3 by ashby3

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