Saturday, June 23, 2012

Galloway Training Run #6

Good run - nice day - bit warm and very humid but this is the end of June and we have had great weather until this week - I had a good run and my ribs did not hurt with every right foot plant - this is the first run since the fall that this has been true - about mile five I had some small pain from deep breathing but is was pretty slight - I really do feel like I am healing - at about 5.5 I was really feeling the effects of limited training the last three weeks - I was having pretty high heart rates and some slight dizziness when I would stop running, while running I was fine - will do everything I can to get at least two mid-week runs in this coming week - I am sure I needed the time off to heal but I found it annoying - the heat today I am sure also had its effect on me - We had a nice group and it was great to be back running after missing the group run last week - also a good gathering after the run - I really missed that last week also.

Galloway Training Run #6 by ashby

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