Sunday, June 17, 2012

Team CBC Brewery Run Sunday - 50 miles

Good ride - I had finished the modifications to Turtle 3 yesterday - I had gotten the data cable extension which allowed me to move the Bionx Command Console to the right side of the trike - I was also able to mount the rear brake switch - it was real nice being able to use the rear brake - Turtle 3 preformed beautifully - it was a good route - I was riding the 15 mph group - I do to know why but a lot of the cyclist in that group wanted to ride a lot faster than 15 mph avg. - Why do that not just ride with one of the faster group? My ribs did hurt some but not too bad - breathing too deeply was difficult but I am getting better - might be able to run Tir na nOn Monday if not it is back to the pool - missed my long run this weekend - Work.

Team CBC Brewery Run Sunday - 50 miles by ashby3

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