Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dark times

I weighted 390.2 now and I tried to ride my Haro Extreme mountain bike. I only rode it about 25 yards when the rear tire blew out. I blamed my weight and even through I am sure that did not help the real problem was that the tires were at least 10 years old and had just gone bad. I could tell even by my very short ride that I was not going to be able to ride this bike either. I bought new tires for it and up them on then I hung it back up and there it has stayed. At this point I gave up on being able to ride again and it was a very dark time for me.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mid October

At this time I was down to 394.4. I was walking pretty well now and want to start riding my bikes. However I was in for a rude and unexpected experience. I got both of them down from where they were hanging in my grange. After I have gone over them cleaned and adjusted them I tried to ride my Vanguard LWB recumbent bicycle. I had no where near the stamina to ride it and I could not balance the bike. I got to a place several blocks from my home and had to stop. I could barely stand up and had to get to a street sign and pull myself up on it and just stand there with the bike still between my legs. I stood there in the middle of the road - I was at a center island - with traffic passing me on both side as I stood there distrot - I was so frustrated and angry - I want to ride so badly. I eventually walked home and hung the Vanguard back up and left it there. I hurt so much - I just wanted to ride.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Next weight in

This weight in was a bit better I weighted 396.2 a 2.2 pound lose. I was up to walking 20 plus minutes in the morning and afternoon which accounted for .6 miles each walk. I was now getting just under 6000 steps per day now. Jenny wanted me to do 10,000 per day but I was not able to do so yet.