Thursday, April 30, 2009

April ride totals

Rides 16
Time 10:00:25
Distance 379.46 miles
Elevation Gained 31223 feet
Elevation Lost 31002 feet
Avg Speed 11.58 mph
Max speed 26.68 mph
Burned 52605 calories
Pounds of fat if all the calories came from stored fat 15.03 lb.

Slow Spokes Thursday night ride

For some reason I did not make a post ride comment I just added my GPS data and pcitures link to my pre-ride comment -

Hello Rick
Turtle is planning on riding - looking forward to the ride.
Weather is looking great so far!

My weight today is 363.8 pounds

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My First Team CBC ride - almost

My comments about attending the ride

Turtle is riding the 42ml - my be a tiny bit long but the 26ml is too short so I will see what I can do - I have ridden over 50ml already this year so I should be OK. I am pleased I finally get to do one of these rides.

Why I almost made the ride - :(

Well my first ride with CBC was short - went there and left with the 10:30 group but only got to the second turn when my chain broke - it only has 600 miles on it. Tried to fix it but gave up and went home - real sorry to miss the ride and meeting and see you all after the ride - I will try again next time. I am home now - will eat lunch - fix the trike and try to do a local Garner ride.Well not much of a day for riding but not a bad day working on the chain.
I decided to clean it thoroughly and this is what I found! CLICK HERE
I only got one picture but here it is. CLICK HERE

Pugslyyy reported to me that the link to the images was not working - I fixed it and here is my reply and comments to him. -

Sorry Puglyyy I had the permissions set wrong - please try again and let me know if it works.
Here is the LINK again.
Man I am bummed I missed that ride - I still want to ride but it is still 90 degrees here in Garner.
I am planning on Raven Rock next weekend (at least I think it is next weekend - I may have to get a planner to keep track of the rides) but hope to be there for May 10th.
OK - well I did get a short ride in. When I use to ride in Louisiana about 10 years ago I would have called this kind of ride a Burner - if there is a more accurate term let me know. For me a Burner was a ride where one had limited time for some reason so one would ride as hard and fast as possible until out of time. That is what I did. I did it on Timber Dr and Hammond Rd - out and back - full length of the two roads.
Click HERE for my GPS data and track.
This was a nice run and not bad traffic this evening.

My weight was 363.7 pounds today.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Selma Cyclepaths - Easy Rider route

My post ride comments -

I had a great ride and I want the thank the Cyclepaths folks for making me welcome.
HERE is my GPS data from the ride.
Here is a link to the photos I took on the ride.
I however did not do this ride intelligently. I had planned how I wanted to do the ride basing my plan on it being a 26 mile ride but when I learned it was modified and was 30 miles plus I did not change my plan. My ending mileage was 32.6 on my cycling computer. I did not bonk, I had been eating and drinking regularly but at 26 miles I did hit the wall, at least that was how it felt. I really suffered the last 6 miles and that big hill at the end was a killer. When I stood up to get off the trike I got light headed, that had not happened before. Moral of the story - Plan your rides - Ride your plan - BUT if your ride or route changes change your plan.

My comments to remarks about my computer settings -

OK I am working on my cycling computer to see where I have an error. I had measured the wheels rolling length and put it in and I had heard that cycling computer could be if properly set more accurate than GPS do to the inherent error built into publicly accessible GPS data so I just assumed my GPS was wrong. It is important to me to have accurate data. I will let you all know what I find.
I am riding Raven Rock so I will not be there this coming weekend.

My weight today was 364.8 pounds

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slow Spokes Thursday night

My post ride comments -

I also had a great ride - it was just wonderful - enjoyed dinner afterward also - really tired now will post pictures Friday
OK pictures are up - click HERE

My weight today is 367.6 pounds

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beginner Ride/Meet the Cycle Surgeon

This was very interesting for me because it was the same route but from a different starting point for the first Slow Spokes ride I had done. I had improved at this time to the point where I was worried it would not be enough riding for me so I arrived about an hour and a half early and rode some on my own before everyone else arrived - the good part was I did fine both with the little hills and the extra ride time - the bicycling maintenance clinic was great also - my post ride comments -

I had a good ride and I enjoyed the training session - I have worked in a bike shop, built my own bikes and maintained my own and my wife's before she was my ex-wife bicycles for a long time but I still learned some things from Matt. He both seemed to know his stuff and was able to teach it to others. Thanks. The ride was good - the rain teased us a bit but we did not really get wet. I liked this starting place better than Lucky 32. We only got two loops in but I had gotten there early and did a bit before the ride so I got 21.6 miles in.
GPS Data here,
Ride photos here,
Clinic photos here.

My weight today was 367.6 pounds

Ride from Saltbox Village with SlowSpokes.

My post ride comments -

THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU - I had one of the best rides I have ever had, Andrea, John, Chris, Jim, Doug and a gentleman on a tandem with his daughter, they were so accommodating. I hope I did not miss anyone or get a name wrong, if I did sorry. I never ask groups to wait for me because I name my trike and myself Turtle for a reason. This group either rode my pace or would wait for me from time to time. I do not expect them or any other cyclists to wait for me - I really do not want to have a negative impact on anyone's ride. It was just so much fun to ride with the group, also I finished the 34 mile ride in 2 hours and 50 minutes - I have never done it in less than 3.5 hours. I really pushed myself and I am soooo tired but I had fun - THANKS

HERE is a link to my pictures.
HERE is a link to my GPS data.

My weight today was 367.6 pounds

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Slow Spokes Thursday night ride

Here are my post ride comments -

Turtle had a GREAT! ride - it was just so good - I will post pictures a little later. I started the GPS but it did not record for some reason. Here is some of the data from my cycling computer.
Dist 24.6 miles
Time 1:31:40
Avg Speed 15.2
Max Speed 32.5 mph
Avg Cad 54
Max Cad 88
Alt Up 1090 ft
Dist Up 9.87 miles
Avg Climb 2%
Max Climb 7%

OK HERE are the pictures.

My weight today was 368.6 pounds

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Anybody interested in riding Easter Sunday?

'Anybody interested in riding Easter Sunday?' was the title of the Message and I did - my reply -

I want to ride somewhere Sunday - busy Saturday. I cannot keep up with that pace but if it is OK I join you all and I will just try to find someway to shorten the route or do an out and back. I only really want about 35 miles anyway - and do not want to have the group limited to my pace. If would prefer to find some other ride or ride solo to slowing down your ride.

My second post was -

Once you all pick a ride let me know if there is a map or cue sheet so I can look at it - get it in my GPS and work out what I can do.

Then -

This sounds great - looks like I can do the 34 miles router which is a subset of the 50 and I should get back more or less at the same time as you 50 milers. I already have both routes in my GPS.
See everyone about 9 AM

And my post ride post -

Woot! - had a great ride - even with the GPS I made three wrong turns - I need to pay more attention to it - I just get so into the ride sometimes - HERE is my GPS route and here is a LINK to some photos I took - was great meeting everyone.

My weight today was 368.6 pounds.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great ride with Slow Spokes

Here is my post ride post -

What a great ride - thanks Rick and the group!
Click HERE to view my ride data. I have also included some pictures.(see the forum)

My weight was 368.6 pounds today

Saturday, April 4, 2009

MS Spring Fling - training ride

I really over did it on this ride - I tried not to let everyone know but I was really hurting and it took me a long time to recover - several day to tell the truth. I did have a good time it just hurt.

Here is my comment about doing the ride -

I had a real good ride - I got in dead last but I enjoyed myself.
Here is a link to my ride - click here.
Pugslyyy who has been a real supporter to me and friend wrote this -

LOL, that's the important thing. Somebody has to finish last and to be honest I would be pretty depressed if you were finishing ahead of me on that trike!

And my reply to him -
Thanks - well I did finish - I was told they SAGed in a number from both routes - I do not know how many but that is OK too - it is one of the reasons to do this sort of ride - support - I also enjoy seeing and riding with other cyclists not that I can keep for long. The trike is great and I do not see why I can not ride it about as fast as any other bicycle, I blow the doors off most others on steep down hills so the problem is not the trike but the motor, me. I am working on improving the motor and reducing its weight. Right now I weight over twice of what most other cyclists weight, when I get down to a much lower weight I real hope I will be able to ride with the group most of the time, I would really like to be able to lead some.
I went to buy one of those talking scales several months back but when I got on it to test it the scale said "One at a time, PLEASE!"
This comment was from one of the MSFits team -
Congratulations, Ashby! I ride one of those Wiz Wheelz trikes too and blame my "blazing" (NOT!) speed on the little wheels. I vote that you shoot that smart mouth scale. Keep up the good work!

My weight today is 368.6 pounds.