Saturday, June 30, 2012

Galloway Training Run #7

Good run - nice day we had a nice group show up for was was billed as a very hot day - it was warm but was no where near as bad as I expected it to be and everyone had a good time - was a lot of fun to run with the Tapirs again - very nice to have Emily back this week - I ran well but had some trouble especially in the last mile - I am sure it was the heat but also I still do not feel like I am anywhere near back to the level I had before I fell - I did not think I would lose so much and it would be this hard to get back to where I was before - still had a good time - wow sure is hot today my weather station says it is 105 outside right now -

Galloway Training Run #7 by ashby

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Morning Run

Good run - I had to talk myself into doing this run several times - I still like running but it is difficult now for some reason - I had a unpleasant half mile then the running got better - I felt so slow even though I was not trying to run as fast as I could but I was going faster than felt comfortable but I should have been able to go faster - I had a little pain in my right knee otherwise no problems -

Thursday Morning Run by ashby

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Team CBC Tuesday Evening Ride

Good ride - great weather - we had a real nice group we had three different group some doing a shorter ride the rest were doing the same route but at two different paces - this is such a beautiful ride - I sweep the ride and had a real good time - it was a pretty pace which was what I wanted after running in the morning -

Team CBC Tuesday Evening Ride by ashby

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Lunch Run

Good run but not easy - I had to take two walk breaks - I use to be able to run 3 or more miles with out walks but in spite of my efforts I did lose a lot of my conditioning while recovering I guess it was silly to expect to go right back to where I was when I was able to resume normal training - it was a beautiful day - it was 73 on the 26th of June with nice humidity - tiny bit of pain in the right knee but it faded no other problems except it seemed harder than it should of been and I was slower than I was wanting to run - still it was nice to run with no rib pain and just nice to go running -

Tuesday Lunch Run by ashby

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Galloway Training Run #6

Good run - nice day - bit warm and very humid but this is the end of June and we have had great weather until this week - I had a good run and my ribs did not hurt with every right foot plant - this is the first run since the fall that this has been true - about mile five I had some small pain from deep breathing but is was pretty slight - I really do feel like I am healing - at about 5.5 I was really feeling the effects of limited training the last three weeks - I was having pretty high heart rates and some slight dizziness when I would stop running, while running I was fine - will do everything I can to get at least two mid-week runs in this coming week - I am sure I needed the time off to heal but I found it annoying - the heat today I am sure also had its effect on me - We had a nice group and it was great to be back running after missing the group run last week - also a good gathering after the run - I really missed that last week also.

Galloway Training Run #6 by ashby

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Evening Team CBC Ride

Good ride - we had a nice group and good weather - we split up into two group - I was planning to sweep - one cyclist was have a tough day and had to slowed down a bit so the slow group spite again - Turtle 3 preformed great - I had a good ride - met some new folks it was a good ride

Tuesday Evening Team CBC Ride by ashby

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tir na nOg Club Run #65

Tough run - I rally thought my ribs were healed but after just a few steps I found out differently - it was not as painful but more so than I expected - almost nothing else hurts now so I though I could run and I wanted to - I felt like I could barely move and was dragging a manhole cover behind me - I did get to feeling better as I ran - it was humid but not too hot - I hope I have not lose as much as I fell like I have - no problems no pain -

Tir na nOg Club Run #65 by ashby3

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Team CBC Brewery Run Sunday - 50 miles

Good ride - I had finished the modifications to Turtle 3 yesterday - I had gotten the data cable extension which allowed me to move the Bionx Command Console to the right side of the trike - I was also able to mount the rear brake switch - it was real nice being able to use the rear brake - Turtle 3 preformed beautifully - it was a good route - I was riding the 15 mph group - I do to know why but a lot of the cyclist in that group wanted to ride a lot faster than 15 mph avg. - Why do that not just ride with one of the faster group? My ribs did hurt some but not too bad - breathing too deeply was difficult but I am getting better - might be able to run Tir na nOn Monday if not it is back to the pool - missed my long run this weekend - Work.

Team CBC Brewery Run Sunday - 50 miles by ashby3

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Water Running

Good workout - my pool was closed so I had to go the pool at the Rex in Raleigh - it is not as nice a place and my Garner gym - the pool at the Raleigh gym only had 4 lanes and they were all busy when I got the - I was able to get in at about 5:07pm so I was just only barely able to to get my hour in do to the some class that was going to take up the whole pool - I did 4 more laps than recorded testing the swim feature of the 910xt but ti did not recored anything - so i will have to keep recording the laps manually - I was a good workout but next time I will try a different gym

Water Running by ashby3

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Water Running

OK I was not sure what to call this because I was not really running - one of the people who work at the pool call it Water Running so that is what I will call it - I did not seem very hard to do but my ribs only hurt a tiny bit - I was not sure how much to do - since I can run 3 miles in about 45 minutes - so I decided to do the Water Running for an hour - my legs did feel tired when I went to climb out of the pool - I am not sure how much good this did but at least it is something I can do -

Water Running by ashby3

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Workout

Well I am officially tired of having my ribs hurt - I went to Tir na nOg - I saw a few of my friends but Meri nor Emily showed up, the weather was poor so it makes sense - I was not sure about running and decided to go the Rex, my gym, and try the treadmill and some other machines but all of them hurt - i wish i knew how long this will take - it is so strange to have my feet, knee and legs be just fine and still not be comfortable running - I also cannot get on to and off of my trike so I cannot ride either - I am planning to try running in the pool Tuesday

Monday Workout by ashby3

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Galloway Training Run #4

Great run - we had really nice weather for June the temperature did get up above 75 by the end but it is still a great day - I really wanted to run - it was my first run since the fall lad week at the half also it is very likely I will have to work next Saturday - I was still hurting a good bit with my ribs nothing else really gave me trouble but the ribs did hurt a good but and still made it hard to breath deeply - we had a good group and everyone seems to be have a good run - in spite of the fact that I missed a turn and we got off the route - we turned around but figured it was too far for it to be good for the newer running to run in safely so Meri called back to some of the other leader and arranged for pickup - I decided to take a ride back also my ribs were really hurting by then - Meri and Jafar with three other runners decided to finish and they ended up doing 10.5 miles -

Galloway Training Run #4 by ashby3

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lunch Walk

First walk after the fall - it was OK but harder than I thought - I did OK but was hopping to be better - both knees and my ribs hurt - still it was nice to go walk - I feel like I should be getting better faster

Lunch Walk by ashby

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Captown Midtown Half Marathon

Good race - very well done race - the route was good if a bit hilly - it was very pretty - the weather was amazing for June 3rd - the volunteers was amazing - when I ran by the Tir na nOg water stop were yelling my name - I did not know that many of them knew my name - I was running well and having a good race - I was running sweep with Meri - it was a good run however at about mile 9 I tripped on what I think was a screw sticking up on the long bridge over the marsh - I went down hard landing mostly on my face, ribs and shoulder also hitting both knees and hands - with Meri, Robert, Sue, Harden, Lori, Buddy, Eric, Ivy among others help I finished - it was pretty difficult - I was able to run a little after the fall but later I was a having a lot of breathing enough to run so I walked in - Bert drove me home - it was a great help I most likely could have driven home but he offered and it seemed like a good idea - I was a little light headed during the drive home they also stayed for a little while to make sure I was OK - I really appreciated their kindness - I am very sore and in a far amount of pain but I seem to be OK - I did finish and got my medal - silly I guess but important to me -

Captown Midtown Half Marathon by ashby3

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Galloway Training Run

Good run we had a nice fun group today close to if not more than 25 ran with the Tapirs today - Emily had an injury and ran with the 18s Jafar ran today his first day as a leader - he did a good job - we were suppose to run 5 miles but the route that was setup was 6 miles - I ran well and had a good time and I did not think about it but this was really too far to run today - it was more than a 10% increase over the 4 mile run last weekend - I am very upset with myself for doing this - I hope we did not hurt anyone - Meri was with but was running with Iris which take her away from the group - we had a nice gathering after the run - a very good day - I am looking forward to sweeping the Captrust Sunday with Meri - I hope we have the same weather as we did today -

Galloway Training Run #3 by ashby3