Saturday, July 31, 2010

Galloway Training Run 10 - 10.9 miles

Good run - great weather felt good out there today - met George and Marlyn at 5AM and we ran 3 miles before the group run started - it was cool out there - nice. I hopped I would not like this so I could sleep in a little but I did like it so I will do it again if George agrees to meet early. The Nimbus 12s felt good almost no bottom of the food soreness which is great - heel/Achilles on the right foot still hurts and is hurting a lot right now. It is really affecting my running - slowing be down while running - I have got to find a way to get this to heal! The cooler weather did really help me - it was cool enough that sometimes while running we had enough cool air moving past us to feel cool - nice.

Time: 03:39:37
Distance: 10.88 mi
Elevation Gain: 439 ft
Calories: 3,004 C
Avg Temperature: 81.7 °F

Galloway Training Run 10 - 10.9 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride

Hot at the start - cooled off some but not a lot tonight - Good ride - started with the mid speed group but there were just three of us and one dropped back and the other told me he was only doing 10 miles so when he dropped off I just took off and caught the fast group just as the were departing from the turn around - took a short break and I caught them again when the stopped for water - they passed me in the hills but I joined back soon after the hills and rode in with them.

Time: 01:57:28
Distance: 34.36 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,096 ft
Calories: 961 C
Avg Temperature: 91.8 °F

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride at Garmin Connect - Details

Before Breakfast Walk

Good run - nice out there today - hit the button to stop the time when I got back but it did not stop so my time is a little messed up. Achilles still hurting when ever I walk or run in these shoes.

Time: 00:28:02
Distance: 1.12 mi
Elevation Gain: 42 ft
Calories: 288 C
Avg Temperature: 77.0 °F

Before Breakfast Walk by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Before Breakfast Walk - Vibran 5 Fingers

Good walk - not hot or muggy - tried walking in my Vibram 5 Fingers - want to see how it would be - I walk in the around the office and home all the time and like them - doing walk was fine - right Achilles did not hurt.

Time: 00:28:09
Distance: 1.10 mi
Elevation Gain: 32 ft
Calories: 207 C
Avg Temperature: 75.0 °F

Before Breakfast Walk - Vibran 5 Fingers at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Greenfield training ride

Got rained out was planning on 24 miles and a one or two miles run - oh well we needed the rain - was a good ride none the less.

Time: 00:40:11
Distance: 11.99 mi
Elevation Gain: 367 ft
Calories: 276 C
Avg Temperature: 77.6 °F

Greenfield training ride at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 8 run

Good run but frustrating, I was feeling good feet did well no problems except for the right Achilles after about two miles. I am beginning to believe it is the shoe - it only ever hurt when I walk or run in these shoes. Not sure if this is what it is or what to do about it. Meri suggested I go back to Raleigh Running Outfitter where I was fitted for them and bought them and I may do that but I am not sure what they could or will do. I was thinking about getting another pair of these Acis Cumulus 11 but now I am not plannig on it unless I can solve this problem. My feet do seem to getting tougher I ran the three miles tonight and the bottoms are fine just the right Achilles hurts. The left foot is great.
Pushed as hard as I could and was 4 minutes slower than my best time! I was feeling well and was hopping to get a good maybe best time - I hope it was just the Achilles that slowed me down.

Time: 01:00:19
Distance: 2.91 mi
Elevation Gain: 111 ft
Calories: 835 C
Avg Temperature: 91.0 °F

Tir na nOg Run Club 8 run at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Team CBC Suday ride from Bass Lake Alehouse

This was good ride but very very HOT! We were originally planning of riding the 47 miles route but after about 8.5 miles Peggy and I decided to shorten the ride - we went to where there was suppose a store and we found it but it was closed - we decided we had enough water so at 11 miles we turned around and rode the route back. We also slowed down to about a 16mph pace and the ride became much more comfortable. The rest of the group did the whole route after Tom, Peggy and I and one other guy who's name I do not remember - sorry - got some lunch at the Alehouse which was nice.
The Garmin showed the temperature of 104.8 at one time but it did not record it so it was pretty hot - the one good thing was the the humidity was not too high so it one got in the shade it was not terrible but in the Sun it was very hot. I seldom drink in the first half hour of a ride but today I was drinking in the parking lot - Peggy said she was drinking lot also - she want to make sure she did not get dehydrated because it is so much better and easier than trying to recover from dehydration and I agree with her.

Time: 01:28:11
Distance: 22.44 mi
Elevation Gain: 423 ft
Calories: 639 C
Avg Temperature: 97.4 °F

Team CBC Sunday ride from Bass Lake Alehouse at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Galloway Training Run 9 - 7 milesI

Wow - hot today - group cut the route short from 10 miles due to the heat - for me with the ime I missed and my injury it was all I could do anyway - I enjoyed the run but ti was hard and I am hurting right now. For some reason the Forerunner did not pickup the Heart Rate but the Edge 500 did which I had brought to record the Temperature so I transferred this data from the 500.
I felt real good and was running well until miles four then my right Achilles tendon started hurting. The left knee felt good no real problems no pain in the knee. The wound on the knee is painful. The bottoms of both feet are hurting as usually - they really do not hurt me much when I do the 3 mile Tir Ra nOg runs and they use to so maybe they will continue to get tougher. I really want to get to the point where I can run and not have my feet hurt like this - it does not seem like others feet hurt line this so I am hopeful.
Found out this morning that Deborah will not be running for a while - she is having knee problems and I think she will have to have surgery - really ashamed for her - I will miss seeing here and running with her - she is nice. I know it could happen to any of us but I am not sure how I could deal with it.

Time: 02:30:05
Distance: 7.04 mi
Elevation Gain: 411 ft
Calories: 1,324 C
Avg Temperature: 87.6 °F
Avg Moving Pace: 18:56 min/m
Avg HR: 137 bpm

Galloway Training Run 9 - 7 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

Galloway Training Run 9 - 7 miles at Garmin Connect - Details from Edge 500

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slow Spokes Thursday night ride

Rode well had a good ride - mostly made myself ride at a recovery speed and the knee hurt a little but mostly like it was sore not like it was hurt. Was nice riding with Emily and Todd. Ice is nice.

Time: 01:55:46
Distance: 27.47 mi
Elevation Gain: 971 ft
Calories: 695 C
Avg Temperature: 95.6 °F

Slow Spokes Thursday night ride at Garmin Connect - Details

Lunch Time Walk - First since fall

First exercise since the fall - had been over five days since I had done anything. Felt OK - knee was not hurting except for my pants hitting the wound on the knee and hurting - I was trying to hold the pants leg off it and that help but it still hurt - in shorts this would not be a problem. I did not fell as strong as usually but not as bad as I do sometimes.

Distance:1.04 mi
Elevation Gain:29 ft
Calories:263 C
Avg Temperature:89.0 °F

Lunch Time Walk - First since fall at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wow something to feel good about - weight 310.2 pounds

Well this is really great and I have no explanation for it but I have lose over four pounds since my fall. I was really expecting to stay the same or even gain weight since I cannot even walk and I am getting no exercise at all. I have been eating less I am not sure how much less but at least 500 calories. I have no appetite and it is also hard to get to the kitchen to just make food or get drinks. My leg hurts so much I really hope nothing major is wrong. Once again this morning not hungery and I should have eaten all ready, I think I will wait to take my insulin until I eat so I will not get low blood sugar.

I have lose 99.8 pounds - two tens of a pound from losing one hundred pounds lose.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Galloway Training Run 8 - 10 miles I am SO ANGRY!

I was having a good run when I was knocked to the ground. I fell forward mostly on to one knee but both knees hit and both hand - right hand hurts a little - left knee is bloody and hurts a great deal. Bending it really hurts - walking is very painful - it is even difficult to sit so it does not hurt. I am really angry - I did nothing wrong but I got hurt and now I can not do anything!

When I decided to try to run the one thing I was worried about was hurting myself and having that not only prevent me from running but have it affect my cycling. With as much as my knee is hurting right now I believe it is unlikely I will be riding Sunday and that will be the second time I have had to miss my Sunday rides because of getting hurt running! Granted I hurt myself last Saturday and I was proud I was able to run 13.14 miles but I missed two rides because of it. I was so careful this week I skipped morning walks because of running. I iced my ankle and really tried to let my feet rest and heal. My right heel hurt a little this morning but it was not bad and I was doing well. I know who pushed me down, she tripped and fell forward and in trying to stop her own fall push off of me knocking me forward and down. She hit the ground also but was not cut and she was able to keep running with the group.

I know she did not intend to hurt me but I am hurt and I cannot walk, run or ride and I am mad about it. I have been trying to be so careful - I have been so afraid of getting hurt because I know when I stop I will have a lot of trouble starting again. I have read if you miss 5 days of training you lose 10% of your fitness and two week coast you 30%, three weeks is 60% four weeks id 85% and beyond that you just have to start over. I really do not know how long I will be out - right now my knee is really really hurting and my knee and hard are getting swollen.

The knee does not look too bad just three inches of road rash like spot what hurt is the fact that most of my 315 pound were between it and the cement sidewalk and it hurts like inside some how.

I have to decide if I am going to contine running, I like it but it is hard and am hurting or sore most of the time because of it and I keep missing riding because of it.

The pain pills are starting to work and I am getting sleepy - I need to find some way to get over being angry and figure out what I am going to do since I cannot do what would wan t to do and would normally be doing.

Time: 00:21:39
Distance: 1.33 mi
Elevation Gain: 136 ft
Calories: 289 C
Avg Temperature: 76.0 °F

Galloway Training Run 8 - 10 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greenfield TT ride

Went to Greenfield and rode it time trial style. Had a good ride - made three adjustment to the right cleat. Much less trouble with the right knee, leg and foot - I think it is right now.

Distance:24.07 mi
Elevation Gain:764 ft
Calories:645 C
Avg Temperature:91.9 °F

Greenfield TT ride at Garmin Connect - Details

Before Breakfast Walk First use of the replacement Forerunner 405CX

Good walk this morning - warm but not bad - Achilles was hurting a little just on one side but got better as I walked. Still worried about it - will stretch it and Ice it.
This is the first use on the replacement Forerunner 405cx - I have had the original Forerunner was going off on me while I was out running which was real ammoying to a data geek like me. Garmin told me there might be a problem with the battery and since I had just gotten it and had gotten it from REI I should see it REI would exchange it and of course REI did - REI is so GREAT - thanks REI.
I icec the Achilles for a solid 20 minutes - this is not hard for me because I cannot feel the cold until it gets deep into the foot - this also means I need to be careful I do not Ice it too long I assume one can do it too long and cause damage. I want to get some sort of complession sock thing to wear after or even one runs to see if it helps.

Time: 00:27:14
Distance: 1.04 mi
Elevation Gain: 47 ft
Calories: 202 C
Avg Temperature: 79.0 °F

Before Breakfast Walk at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Greenfield Brick 24 and 1

Good ride - had some tush pain but found that tightening the seat fixed this. Was hotter than I though it would be - emptied the Camelbak tonight. I have never emptied my Camelbak at Greenfield before - I did have more water in the van so I was OK. I got and installed the Knee Savers before I rode - had to adjust the fairing and pedal cleats. The right sandal still needs some adjustment but it was still better than it had been much less problem and pain. I have been having a little trouble with the trike feeling different and is some small ways not being as comfortable - this has been confusing to me but I may have some idea about what is going on. I am still very fat but I am almost 95 pound less fat and I am thinking I may not have the padding I am use to having - the trike is not the only thing that is feeling different. If this is what is happening it is a problem I had not anticipated.

Time: 01:22:34
Distance: 24.03 mi
Elevation Gain: 712 ft
Calories: 769 C
Avg Temperature: 92.3 °F

Ride of my Greenfield Brick at Garmin Connect - Details

Was pretty hot but I still enjoyed it and had a good run. My right Achilles which has been hurting was much better and I had planned on running 2 miles but after about three quarters of a mile it started to suggest that I might want to cut it short - I took it's advice. It is hurting a little but not bad and it is about to get RICE, I have decided that Ice is Nice. Want to do the 2 miles but think I did the right thing. Everthing else is doing great - I know I am not going very fast and that when I get to going faster I may have problems I am not having now due to the additional stress that I assume more speed would create. The run feltgood and my walking pace was better, running pace was good also just want to go faster but need to get tougher first. I have not walked at all this week before work or at lunch. I will just have to wait and see how I feel Wednesday especially since I am not exercising that evening unless I decide to run after dinner with Dad.
The Forerunner 405cx seemed to function normally but it had 86% power when I started but when I checked it before I download its data it said it has 0% but was still working - it is going back.

Time: 00:22:40
Distance: 1.07 mi
Elevation Gain: 68 ft
Calories: 362 C

Run part of my Greenfield brick at Garmin Connect - Details

Tir na nOg Run Club 7 run

I had a good run - my right heel hurt but other wise it was OK. The Garmin 405 screwed up again - it went blank then did a bunch of other weird stuff. I am calling them tomorrow. I like this Garmin but I need it to work correctly.
My feet were not hurting me at all just have to get the Achilles on the right foot healed and Iwill be good. I enjoyed this run and thought I was running a good pace but it took me an hour to finish which is my longest time - I guess the Achilles slowed me down more than I thought - oh well it was a good run.
The people I run with and ride with are such an important part of the running and riding - I believe I would do both even if I had to do everything solo but I do enjoy the interaction with other cyclist and runner. I do still spend most of my runs and rides solo but that is OK.

Time: 00:20:59
Distance: 0.93 mi
Elevation Gain: 50 ft
Calories: 328 C

Tir na nOg Run Club 7a run at Garmin Connect - Details

Time: 00:32:55
Distance: 1.54 mi
Elevation Gain: 40 ft
Calories: 561 C

Tir na nOg Run Club 7b run at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, July 12, 2010

Still in pain this morning but getting better also a New Low Weight

Sunday was hard - I was really having trouble walking but it was just my feet, oh my legs were a little stiff but nothing compared to me feet. I am really proud of the fact that I ran and finished a half marathon length run - except for my feet reminding me of it I have trouble believing I could and did do it. I am not happy with myself for doing what I did to my feet. I really like running but I love riding and I missed two rides I really want to do because I injured myself and one of them was already paid for - I have no one to blame but myself and even though I will still be running and working on improving I will not be doing it so that I will affect my riding again except for the Galloway runs on Saturday - I need those and will just have to give up Saturday rides until I can get to the point where I can do up to a ten mile run and still do some sort of ride in the afternoon - I am missing my riding.

I had trouble with depression again on Sunday, I am not sure if it was from not riding, having to miss the ride, not doing any sort of exercise or all of them but I was down. I am pleased with how exercising seems to keep me from being depressed but trouble that one day off or at least a forced day off affects me so much. Coming to work today seems to have helped some I guess just leaving the house or just moving helps. I did not walk this morning and will not walk at mid day today either but do plan to try to run tonight with Tir Na nOg - I may not be able to but I am going there dressed and prepared to run and go there to see if I can at least do something. I really need to do something. Riding Sunday would have been so great but my feet were just too sore.

One good thing - in spite of the depression I manage to stay with my Zone food plan and even though I ate everything I was suppose to and was drinking to make sure I was hydrating properly after the Saturday run I lost weight. This morning I weighted 315.4 pounds - almost a two pound lose - I assume some of it was from the run and the rest was from the repair my body has been doing - it was a surprise and I weighted twice just to make sure. So I have now lost 94.6 pounds. 5.4 pound to reach 100 pounds lose - it almost makes all the pain worth it - not really. But is is a silver lining to the aftermath of my half marathon.

While I was wallowing in my depression I was thinking a lot about the fact of how hard it is just not having someone to talk to. I no longer believe I will meet a lady who will become a companion. Not that I do not know several I would like to get to know better. But in the past whenever I have made even the smallest suggestion that someone and myself might get to know each other better they seem to disappear from the face of the earth. You know I could handle 'Sorry I just do not feel that way about you' and lot better that the vanishing act. I understand it - there are some crazy people in this world and I guess it seems safer but it sure hurts. So for the few who are at least friendly to me now I will not seek anything beyond friendship. It seems to be the most I can hope for. I see some many of my friends with their mates and wonder if they know how good they have it no matter what their problems might be.
I have been in love with three ladies in my life but after some time in a relationship with me they all left me, since it is unlikely that all three of them were wrong and at least one has been in another relationship for years it must be me that is wrong. I know this sounds like a pity party but I did say this was how I was feeling during my depression Sunday and I am doing better today. I am not sure why but I feel like I need to write in down - maybe it will help me get past it.
Truth is I would really like to meet someone and have met a couple of very nice single ladies and have become at little friendly with them but with them and with anyone else I meet I will not take the relationship beyond friendship because I just will not take the chance of losing them as a friend. Of course this means I will never likely be anything but friends with anyone because I assume they would expect me to make a move that I just will not take a chance of any longer.
I also have changed a lot is the last two years - I still prefer women on the slightly larger side not really big just not skinny or thin also now would like them to be fit. I do believe one can be fit and not be thin. I would want them to be interested in they own fitness and healthy eating habits. I do not expect them to be saints just not junk food junkies. Seems like I am making a difficult task almost impossible. Oh well I guess this is the kind of stuff that I get into thinking about when I get depressed.

I am glad my feet are getting better - I want to go ride or run.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Galloway Training Run 7 - 13 miles also new low weight today

OMG I ran a half marathon! OMG I am in pain! We were running on the American Tobacco Trail so I knew it was mostly flat and shaded but I most likely should not have gone this far. I had to walk the last couple of miles but I did not stop and I did cover the distance. I was told that I can now get one of the 31.1 decals for my van and I intend to do so. It was not too hot but the humidity was so high that it felt a lot hotter.

The bottom of my feet hurt so much right now that I can barely walk - not sure if I will be cycling Sunday not riding the Cree Habitat Bull Moon Bike Ride tonight even though I had already paid for it - oh well it is a fund raiser.

For some reason I was apprehends about this run when I was planning on doing the 12 mile run - I am not sure why but most likely it has something to do with the Runner Round Table pod-cast I listened to about running injuries. I did very well to about mile 9 where I really started to have pain on the bottom of my right foot and right Achilles tendon. But I was still able to do the running and walking splits. It continued to hurt but only went to a point and then just hurt but did not get any worse however the bottom of my left foot began to hurt like the right. I was able to continue to run walk run for a while but eventually the pain made me stop running and just walk. I had to walk the last couple of miles and yes it really hurt but not any more than when I started just walking. My legs were very tired but not giving me any problem except for a little tightness in the right calf do the the Achilles tendon while I was trying to run when I just started walking the calf relaxed. I had a little pain in my shoulders that did not brother me until after I had stopped running and it has stopped now. Everything is really fine now if my feet were not so sore I would be fine to do anything.

As I am right now I will not be doing the Cree Habitat Bull Moon Bike Ride this evening. I really would like to do the ride - I was looking forward to it but alas my feet just say no. I am wondering if I will be able to do the NCBC Summer Rally Sunday morning - I really hope I can make that ride. Come on feet heal.

I had a new low weight this morning of 317.5 pounds which gives me a lose of 92.5 pounds. After the run I weighted 316.2 pounds which sounds real good but I am sure at least part of that is water lose from the run even though I did drink over two seventy oz. CamelBak full of water 16 oz. of Nuun but it was almost 5 hour run and I guess it is not possible to drink enough not to lose some water volume. I am drinking a good bit now and we will see if I have a net lose Sunday morning.

I must admit I was disappointed that I did not do better on this run. I did so well on the ten mile run and I was expecting that to continue. If my feet just did not get so sore on the bottoms I could do this - I am assuming that they will get tougher or I am really hopping they will - I really wish I knew that they will get tougher and I wish I had some idea how long that will take. Also I have not heard anyone else talk about this as a problem - I have heard about a lot of other problems but not about sort foot bottoms. Is this just a problem I am having because of my size and weight or have other runner experienced this. My feet are really hurting right now but nothing else does - everything else feels good why are my feet giving me so much trouble? I have examined my feet carefully and except for the soreness they are fine no bruises or blister.

Time: 04:55:50
Distance: 13.14 mi
Elevation Gain: 442 ft
Calories: 2,436 C
Avg Temperature: 86.1 °F

Galloway Training Run 7 - 13 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Before Breakfast Walk and a new low weight

Nice out there this morning not hot or muggy. I felt good but was not able to get my pace up. I kept trying to go faster but my pace just stayed slow, slower than usually. I really do not know why - I guess it may be due to the brick I did last night but I did not feel tired or sore this morning so I am really unsure, also I am kind of pumped a bit because after over two week I finailly lose some more weight.
I weighted 319.4 pounds this morning. I know it is just .6 pounds lose but it is at least movement in the right direction. I have been being so careful for the last two weeks it was getting frustrating so the lose was good for me.

Before Breakfast Walk at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 6 run

I had a good run tonight - I felt good and enjoyed the run also it did not totally wear me out. I also did the distance almost 2 minutes faster than last week which was pretty cool. I do want to get faster but it is more important for me to get stronger so that it is not so hard one me and doing the runs become easier. I skipped the special ride today but I really wanted to ride. It was so hard to not ride when I felt good and there was no other reason to ride except that I had been tired after the Firecracker ride and that I really wanted to do the run at Tir na nOg. I had a real hard time today just sitting and not doing anything today - I felt like I should be doing something - I got to feeling so bad that I almost talked myself into not going to Tir na nOg and staying at home. I was also in a lot of pain during the Firecracker mostly in my right leg - I have not had this sort of pain or problem and I wonder if the running is causing some problem that does not show it self when I run but does when I ride. I really want to run and be a runner but not if if causes this much problems with riding. I have no pain when off the trike so I am really unsure what is going on. My lack of knowledge with how my body works and what is problem and what is just something sore. I also do not know how to take time off for recovery it sounds like something simple just do not exercise but that is no simple any more - not exercising means getting down and that to worries me. This is sort of frustrating. I guess I will just go to bed now.

Time: 00:56:20
Distance: 2.90 mi
Elevation Gain: 117 ft
Calories: 734 C
Avg Temperature: 92.4 °F

Tir na nOg Run Club 6 run at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Firecracker 100

I had a good ride but maybe riding a metric the day after I ran 10 miles was a bit to much. Moving the right cleat seemed to help but I did still have some trouble with that side calf. I also believe that the other problems I have been having with the right leg was due to the front most seat strap being too tight thus cutting off circulation or doing something to the nerves - loosening it helped. Not sure I am riding Monday my legs are very tired and I do want to run Monday night.

OK well I decided not to ride Monday morning with Team CBC because my legs were still tire Sunday evening at my brothers cookout also my right knee feels stiff - not had this feeling before. I am planning to run Monday evening.

This was a pretty good ride. There were a lot of rider. I do not know how many but it seemed like 600 or more to me. The start was a mass start for both distances. We rode is a very large group riding out of town. While still in town we were going down a hill at about 30 mph in a very large group. There are usually a number of inexperienced cyclist at these rides and I was thinking if someone does something wrong this could be a bad thing but nothing happened. It took a while for the crowd to thin out there were a fair number of other riders around until the first rest stop then it thinned out a good bit when the two routes split. The first and last rest stop were fine not really great but they had snacks including fruit and PB&J. They also had iced water and some sort of electrolyte drink. The middle rest stop was terrible - it did not seem to be part of the same event. They did have water but no ice, no electrolyte drink, no fruit and the only snack was what looked like boxes of cereal. I asked about the drink and ice and was told they did not have any and were told to get some themselves. Ecexpt for the pot-a-potties this stop was a waste of time. The area after the ride was nice the watermelon was good and cold and they hard Diet-Dew. After this I went to Geof''s home for some food - it was very nice and the food was good.
Bryan and I rode there together and after I took him home I showered and relaxed. Later I went to my brothers cookout - it was real great. Jim had some of his friends there and Laura also had about six friends there. Everyone seemed to have a good time and Jim was very happy - it was very nice to see.
All in all a very nice 4th of July weekend.

Firecracker 100 at Garmin Connect - Details

A few pictures I shot before the ride.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Galloway Training Run 6 - 10 miles

I am so pumped and pretty sore - I did it I RAN 10 miles - six weeks ago I did not even think I could run a mile. A short time before that I would not even believed I could run at all. This is still amazing to me and I am enjoying it. The people in our Galloway group have been just wonderful - there is almost always someone to run with and talk with while we are running - this also really seems to make the miles and time go by. The friendly nice and support of this group has been just wonderful. I joined the group that gathered after the run this week even though I was pretty beat up and it was real nice to talk and listen to the others talk about this run and others that they have done.ave come home earlier but I did enjoy the group.

I am really tired now and want to rest - I may add more here later.

Galloway Training Run 6 - 10 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Before Breakfast Walk

Wow busy week last week. Had my sister, Jane, in town to visit then Tim my nieces' husband who I had not yet met came to town then my best friend David from Louisiana arrived here to visit and then Bert, Jane's husband and Dawn, my niece all here to visit. So it was pretty busy. I did get up Saturday leaving David to sleeping in he had arrived late the night before. So I could do the Galloway run - 8 miles. My Forerunner stopped working at 3.8 miles but I did finish the full 8.75 miles. I did pretty well for the first 8 or so miles but really suffered the last .75 miles. I had really hoped to do better than I did but I did finish. I came it dead last again and when I did finish everything and almost everyone was gone - no water or food at the end of the race - this really brothered me - I was expecting to be able to drink and eat a little something after the run. I do not feel Raleigh Galloway is treating the slower runners as it does the rest even through they say we are suppose to run with in our limits. I really feel we deserve the same treatment as faster runners in the program if anything we need more support.
Saturday evening David and I and the rest of the family who were here went to Jim home for a cook out and dinner - it was very nice.
Sunday David and I meet my Team CBC riding group to do a Green-way ride that CBC was doing. It got a little hot and David and I cut the ride short and when home to the nice cool lunch and rest. It was a nice ride. We did have dinner with the rest of my family again.
Monday David and I rode the ATT from the southern end of the northern part of the trail. It was cooler Monday and the ATT is mostly shady. We both rest after lunch at Quiznos then David started for home. I really enjoyed his visit and will miss his company. I got to thinking I should visit him this Fall - it would be nice to go back to that part of the world do a little riding and running and maybe see some folks I left down there. Would also like to get to know Reta, hope I spelled her name correctly. Will just have to see how the money is this Fall.
I did do the Tri Ra nOg 3 mile run Monday evening - was a pretty good run but I am still very slow and it really takes a lot out of me. After the run which included to new folks to out group Mary from Galloway and Peggy my cycling friend. After I showered I when to see Jane, Bert and Dawn - they were departing Tuesday morning. I was tired and got to bed too late but it was my last chance to see them for a while and I enjoyed see them.

Time: 01:15:45
Distance: 3.80 mi (Forerunner stopped at 3.8 miles - I did 8.75 miles)
Elevation Gain: 124 ft
Calories: 922 C
Avg Temperature: 88.0 °F
Galloway Run 8 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

Time: 01:59:21
Distance: 17.89 mi
Elevation Gain: 650 ft
Calories: 692 C
Avg Temperature: 87.4 °F
Riding with David at Garmin Connect - Details

Time: 01:46:05
Distance: 15.64 mi
Elevation Gain: 367 ft
Calories: 552 C
Avg Temperature: 89.1 °F
Riding the ATT with David at Garmin Connect - Details

Time: 00:58:11
Distance: 2.88 mi
Elevation Gain: 116 ft
Calories: 853 C
Avg Temperature: 94.0 °F
Tri Ra nOg run at Garmin Connect - Details

Time: 00:25:41
Distance: 1.12 mi
Elevation Gain: 48 ft
Calories: 174 C
Avg Temperature: 74.0 °
Before Breakfast Walk at Garmin Connect - Details