Saturday, July 28, 2012

Galloway Training Run #11?

Good run well walk - I run a little but it did not feel right so I walked most of the run - it was not easy but also not too hard - my legs are a bit tired but I am feeling good no problems - Maorine fell early in her run so she came back and walked with me - it was nice to have company - she is an amazing runner - she has done a lot of halves and fulls and has a lot more planned - even though I was just walking it was still a good workout - I was really hopping to be able to run more today maybe Monday - I as really great to see everyone one - I have miss the group and running

Galloway Training Run #11? by ashby

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Lunch Walk

Good walk - I was really hoping to feel better than I did yesterday but I felt a little worse - my legs did not hurt but felt very stiff especially my calves - my left calf and hamstring hurt a little - I have done these walks in my VFFs because I always wear them for walking - I was trying to walk as quickly as possible but it was still very slow - no other problems it was hotter today and bright sun light - I will take Friday off and plan to run/walk Saturday three to five miles - I am registered for the RR Half in VA Beach which is five weeks from this Saturday - I would really like to do that race - it was nice to be able to do the walk - BP was 126/92 after the walk

Thursday Lunch Walk

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lunch Time Walk

Good walk and the first time I have done any exercise in two and a half weeks - I blacked out and fell after a training run and have not felt well or stable enough on my feet to run or walk since - today I had the second good day in a row, my ribs which were hurt in the fall and healing and only a little sore now - I am not walking as well as I did before the fall but am doing better - I really enjoyed the walk I wish I could have been running but not yet - I was walking as fast as I was able and am a bit disappointed at how slow my pace is - it was 80 when I started and 82 when I finished but the sun was behind some clouds and it was not bad out today - I did not fell tired, or spent after the walk just slow - well it is at least a start :) I checked my blood pressure after the walk and it was 141/85 not great but not too bad

Lunch Time Walk by ashby

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello blog,  been a while since I wrote to you except for recording my training.  Guess my life has been pretty good and there was not a need for someone to talk to.  I am so frustrated - since the fall after the Galloway truing run I have been having trouble walking - no one even my doctor seems to believe me because I assume they can see me walking.  But it is not the same, before the fall I could just walk without having to think about it.  Now I have to think about ever part of the process and I never fell steady on my feet.  I fell like one feels when trying to carry something heavy over ones head, not something too heavy to carry but something that messes with your center of balance.  I cannot image being able to run like this.  Also I have having a lot of trouble with depression and since I cannot walk, run or ride I do not know what to do - I find I am hiding in Middle Earth - at least I enjoy being in there.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Galloway Training Run #8

This is hard for me to write - today for the first time I had to turn back and cut short a Galloway run - I had some sort of problem and had to make the decision to turn back early during the run - I was feeling very drained - I just had no energy or power after a nights sleep and eating normally - it was very hard for me to do - I got back to my car and sat for a while - I got to feeling better so I went out to ran a bit more got to feeling poorly again and went back to my car again once more I recovered and went out to run more - I got back to my car tired but not feeling bad but I should not have been this tired after only 5.5 miles - I rested a little in my car felt better got out and got light headed so I leaned against my car - the next thing I remember I am trying to get up from the ground asking who ever was trying to check me out why I was on the ground - I have no memory of the fall - I was told I fell like a tree not making any sort of attempt to break the fall - I do not know what was wrong with me - I felt like my blood pressure was low but when the Medics took it twice and it was high - I am concerned - I have not been feeling right for at least two months - I have setup a appointment to see my doctor Tuesday morning - I want to be able to run again -

Galloway Training Run #8 by ashby

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Firecracker Ride 2012

Good ride but also sort of a failure - I was never feel that well even before the ride but hoped I would improve - I was pushing as hard as I could from the start and only was able to average 13.7 - at the rest stop I ate half a banana with a little peanut butter on it - washed the sweat off my face - went to the potty drank a little and hit the road again - to my surprise I was feeling a lot better and was able to ride most of the time at a pace of about 20 mph - in the last 2 miles before the second rest stop I started to feel poorly again - again at the rest stop I ate a half a banana and went to the potty - as I came out of the potty I realized I was very light headed and not feel well at all - I decided to ask for a ride back to the start - this was very hard for me to do - I hate to not finish a ride, run or race but something was just wrong - this should not have been difficult ride for me - I got a ride back with Gary a friend and Ham that was doing support for the ride - thanks Gary - I never felt too hot - I am still feeling pretty poorly - not sure what is wrong - very frustrated! - also I forgot to turn off the GPS so the data and map is all messed up - sorry -

Firecracker Ride 2012 by ashby

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday After Work Run

Good run - but I am not right - I just do not have the endurance I use to it is so annoying - I did not feel well Monday so I skipped Tir na nOg - I really want to get my two weekly run in so due to the Firecracker Ride tomorrow I decided to run this evening on the treadmill at my gym - it was 97 degrees outside - I had some pain in my left hamstring but it was not too bad -

Tuesday After Work Run by ashby