Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Lunch Walk

Good walk - not too hot but not cool - felt good and enjoyed get outside for a bit - no problems no pains

Thursday Lunch Walk by ashby

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tir ra nOg Club Run #66

Good run - hot and humid tonight - Meri ran with me - I was running pretty much as fast as I was able - I felt good and ran well - I did slow down through the run - but I did fell like I was doing pretty good - I just have to keep pushing it - this is the first nOg run I have made in over 2 months - also this is the first time in over 2 months I have have trained three days in a roll - I am doing better I just have a ways to go get back to where I was and go beyond - BP a couple of hours after the run 139/75 pulse 90 -

Tir ra nOg Club Run #66 by ashby

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Team CBC Brewery Ride

Good ride - not great but good is OK for now at least I am riding - Planned on riding 19 miles with Meri and whoever else was riding 19 - there was some confusion about the route - those of use wanting to ride 19 ended up doing 26 - I should have know more about the route so it was my fault - sorry Meri - the first part of the ride was very very hard for me - my legs just did not have any power - my big calfs felt like huge bags of sand - it was everything I could do to do 14 to 15 top speed - the group was great and just waited for me at turns - sorry they had to do that - we stopped at Duncan's for a break - I felt fine when I got off Turtle no dizziness or light headedness - I got a diet Dew for the liquid and Caffeine - I have no idea what changed but after that I had legs - I have no idea where they came from but I just felt like I could just go go go  - maybe it was the Dew or Caffeine or the break it was real nice to to feel like I could ride again - I had a little pain in my right backside but other wise no problems - Turtle preformed well - she is a joy to ride - I go to meet Beci who I have been talking to on FB for a while she was very helpful getting us back in a shorter route after we got off route -

Team CBC Brewery Ride by ashby

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Raleigh Galloway Training Run #15

Good run - I really enjoyed this run and leading the Late Start 1:1 group we had 5 runners - Beth was helping me lead the group - i felt like I was going pretty good but my pace was much much slower than I thought it was - I was running pretty much all out and still only managed to run in the 19s - I did fell good after the run which is a plus but I decided not to do the additional mile I had planned on because I ran so hard during the 3 miles - I do fell like I am making progress but it is really hard running in the 19s when I was able to run it the 14s - I was never very fast but I fell really slow

Raleigh Galloway Training Run #15 by ashby

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Evening Run

Good run - Rn with Emily, Meri and Bert - we had a great time and a good run - everyone ran my ice which must have been very slow for them but I enjoyed the company - I ran well and had no problem or pains just a lot slower than i was and that is diffcult - my plan for now is to work on building my endurance to run distance then I will work on speed - I could have run farther but I was pretty much at my limit for speed - Emily had to take off Bert and Meri fixed us a real nice dinner - a real nice evening

Wednesday Evening Run by ashby

Wednesday Lunch Walk

Good walk - nice outside today Sun was warm but otherwise it was nice - no problems no pain - I am still very slow - BP after the run 118/73

Wednesday Lunch Walk by ashby

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Lunch Walk

Good walk - have been feeling tired but also really felt like getting out and moving would be good for me.  No problems not pain - BP 137/82

Tuesday Lunch Walk by ashby

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Raleigh Galloway Training Run #14

Good run - not as good as running use to be but getting better - running 3 miles was not too challenging but I choose to take everyones advise and in some cases commands and only run 3 miles today - I need to get my endurance and milage up as quickly as is safe - I am still planning on running the City of Oaks Half, the OBX Challenge (a 10K Saturday and the Full on Sunday) also next year the Goofy (Disney's Half on Saturday and the Full on Sunday) these are still my goals.  I measured my blood pressure before my run it at 6:08 AM it was 159/103 which it high like it seems to be every morning,  3 minutes after the run at 7:57 AM it was 120/82 at 8:30 AM it was 115/78. At 8:37 AM I went to stand and got light headed so I took my pressure at 8:37 AM it was 81/67.  I sat back down and quickly my head cleared.  I had only minor boughs of light headedness after this.  I am so looking forward to getting this fixed, I had not trouble while running it is just when I stop.

Raleigh Galloway Training Run #14 by ashby

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Evening Run from home

Good run - long time since I could write that - I felt slow and sluggish but good - but I was feeling good while running and got to feeling better as I ran - It was a bit darker than I expected I have and should have taken my head lamp - I found myself slowing down to make sure I did not trip but most of the time I was running about as fast as I could - my pace was a little disappointing but it is a good start - I have a lot for friends who have really helped me get back to running -

Evening Run from home by ashby

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nice walk with some friends

Meri and Bert came over after work tonight and we went for a casual walk on the trails at Lake Benson.  It was nice and I felt well.  It was a casual pace but my legs felt good no pain or stiffness left from Saturday.  I really hope I can run Thursday and this Saturday. We went to Tripp's afterwards i twas also very nice.

Nice walk with some friends by ashby3

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Raleigh Galloway Training Run #13

We took the Group picture today. I had planned to run six miles but was not feel great so I decided to walk sin - I was still hopping to be able to run and walk the Va Beach RR half - I did well to about mile 4 then I got light headed again and almost blacked out again - Maureen who has decided to walk with me called Micki and she who was already on her way to her own run - she picked me up and took me to REX emergency - They checked me out - blood work - blood sugar, cat scan of my head all normal my blood pressure was too low which was strange because I had been having trouble with it being high - he changed my meds and sent me home - told me to keep running - Micki and Maureen were wonderful - they moved my car to the hospital and stayed with me - I should not have tried to go so far - I really thought I could do it - Up to mile 4 it was good -
Raleigh Galloway Training Run #13 by ashby

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Run at Symphony Lake Greenway

Good run, not great but good and my first run since blacking out after my run July 7th.  My doctors, yes I have several now still do not know why I blacked out but I was told I could run if I felt like it.  It was short and pretty slow but it was running. I did get a little light headed after the run but generally  felt good. Meri, Bert and Emily ran with me it was really great not to do this alone, I am sure it was pretty slow for them but it helped me, Emily brought Farsat, he seemed to like my pace.  My legs and feet felt really strange when I first started like they did not know what to do or how it should feel, I had had this same sort of feeling when walk a couple of weeks ago but I do not any more and as we ran each interval, we ran 1:1s it got better - the route is almost flat there were a few short hills, climbing was not a problem but descending felt uncomfortable - I expect this will also improve with time and running - So great to be running again and my depression is so much better today - my resting heart rate is still high and my blood pressure it still high most of the time for a while after the run is was mostly normal and even got pretty low for a bit - I really hope the doctors can fix this soon - still hopping to run Va Beach RR Half 9-2

Run at Symphony Lake Greenway by ashby

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cardatic Catheration

Yesterday I had a Cardatic Catheration due to inclusives results from a Necular Stress test and an Echo Cardiogram.  I was pretty nervous about the procedure, I know it is pretty routine now but the idea of having something stuck in my and especial my heart freaked my out a bit.  The worse part turned out to be having two IVs put in. They only used one the other was just a safety measure. They went in through my right arm near my wrist and it is pretty sore.  The doctor told me they did not find any problems and no blockages.  They did not have to do any repairs. He said I have a little plack any he felt that would be improved by having me take a low dose aspirin every day.  When I had the stress test they thought I might have a blockage but he said I did not and when they did the stress they also did some sort of flow test which is an indication of how strong ones heart is.  The stress test gave a result of 49% which is low.  I was told it should be above 55% to be healthy and normal.  I was told that this test is now as accurate as they can get with the Catheration. It gave me a flow of 64% which I was told was very good. So the good new my heart is not just good but in very good shape for a man with my health history and of my age, the bad news I still do not know why I blacked out. I was told I can run Monday if I fell up to it.  I hope I do.