Saturday, October 31, 2009

Habitat Hollween Ride

I had a good ride but the weather was poor - it was not really raining but there was a mist for most of the ride - I have never been wet for so long except for when I was SCUBA diving - I guess I am too old and fat to go SCUBA diving again - I plan to be thin enough to make it possible but I am not sure about the age/health problems and SCUBA diving. I still have all my SCUBA gear - just in case - I enjoyed the route and would love to do it again with good weather - The Habitat people did a really good job with the ride organization - the rest stops were excellent and everyone was real nice in spite of the weather - the last 14 miles I got better at least the weather was better - I would do this ride again.

I usually allow myself to have a cookie or two when doing rides like this otherwise I do not have them at all but today I had trouble. I will usually only eat one or two per rest stop but today I was eating four or five for the first three rest stops - I am not sure why may be because the weather was so poor and the ride was not real enjoyable - by the forth rest stop I got myself together and ate nothing but a piece of orange and some water and at the last stop I ate two. I would think after a year I would not have this sort of problem I guess it is something I will always have to be mindful of. I ate two barbecues after the ride - I should have only had one but I was very hungry and it was real good. The rest of the day I made an effort to eat a little less.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New low weight today

It is not a big change but I will take all I can get - weighted 348.4 pounds this morning.

The personal trainer who I see from time to time while out walking drove past me today in an SUV - he stopped in the road and asked me how much I had lost so far - I do not know why but I like it when he does that.

Going to try Tango classes again tonight - hope I can still remember something and that my knees do well.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ECG - East Coast Greenway RIde 10-24-09

Today I did a short ride on the Tabacco Train in Wake county. It was part of ECG program to promote the green-ways and their use. It was a nice little gathering there was a ride and a walk. I would estimate there were about 30 folks there for the event I believe we would of have more if the weather would have been better. I got the ride posted on and three other trike riders showed up. I meet and rode with Ron, Nance and Austin. Ron and Nance rode Greenspeeds, Ron's was a GTO not sure what Nance's was, Austin rode a Trice. It was the first ride for me with other trike riders. It was great.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My day at the State Fair.

I went to the state Fair on Saturday Oct. 24, 2009 with a dear friend of mine, Nicole. We did not have great weather but had a nice time looking at the gardens exhibits, a number of other exhibits we also spent several hours at the horse barn watching some of the competitions. In-spite of the rain we had a nice day and went to Red Lobster for dinner after the fair.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally a new low weight

After almost two months of almost no weight lose I finally broke 350 pounds. This morning I weighed 348.6 pounds 61.4 lost.

I got a Flu shot this morning and fell real bad right now. - Two hours later well I guess it was just low blood sugar - I ate my lunch and am beginning to fell better now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick all weekend

I hate being sick - I went in to work late Friday because I had trouble Thursday night and did not sleep much and was still not feeling well Friday morning. I did go into work for two hours but left early and went home. I did go out to dinner with my Dad, brother and youngest nephew, I had no fever but did not feel good mostly I wanted to see my brother and nephew who I do not see enough of and it is always nice to see Dad. After that I don't think I left the house. The weather was not great for riding but not so bad I would not have tried if I felt better. I got so depressed - not sure if it was the weather, not feeling well enough to ride and there for not riding or just being stuck inside - most likely a combination of all three. This depression thing is real annoying and even through I knew I was depressed I could not get myself to get up and do anything. I could have gone for a walk and through about it but could not get myself to do it. So was I depressed because I did not feel good or did I not feel good or anything really because I was depressed. I did eat correctly at least, I even ate a little less than I do when I am getting exercises that at least was good - Oh I wanted to eat there just did not seem like there was anything else to do but that at least I did not do. I have not had any problem with depression when I can go and ride. I was having a lot until I started riding and walking to the point where my Doctor want me to start taking something for it - I even bought the stuff but never too them. I do not really mind if I need to ride and walk to keep the blues away I have no plans on stopping either but if they are part of the cure what does one do when one cannot do them? I have heard that runner and other who exercise a lot and hard can get some sort of addiction to it, I am not sure if this is true but I find it hard to beleive I do enough of either to fall into the category of someone who exercises a lot. I do not expect to find an answer to this - I just needed to talk about it. We have something at work where employees can call a number and talk to a health professional most of them are nurses I believe about medical problems however even through they are encouraging us to exercise, lose weight and get fit the people at the other end of that phone line seem to have no expertise in exercise or fitness which I find hard to understand. I have called twice and asked if they had an exercise physiologist of physical trainer and they did not know what I was talking about. If they really want us to exercise, lose weight and get fitter one would think that they would have at least one such person.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend of 10-10-09

My forum post form - 10-10-09

I had a good ride - there were about 6 of us on the 50 - we split into two groups at the rest stop - I am not sure why. We got sprinkled on a couple of time but did not get wet. THis must be a day for Garmin problems mine did not get the second part of the ride but it is below anyway. We saw a number of other cyclist out there including a number of ladies from the Tour de Femme - I heard they had about 300 hundred cyclist - was also nice to run into Rover Dave helping at one of their rest stops. I did not take many pictures today but do have a few also a couple of the Tour de Femme ladies. Thanks for the pump Dave the tire did not go down again I must have left the value open.
I ran out of gas at about mile 42 - I am eating less but still having trouble balancing eating little enough to lose weight, eating enough to ride and keep my blood sugar ok - at about mile 46 I got my legs back.

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My forum post from - 10-11-09

What a great ride - weather looked a little poor but except for being a bit cool it was nice. Sun even came out after I got back. I did get cold but that was my fault - I assumed it would warm up more than it did - guess I need at least some cold weather get with me all the time now. Rode the 43 mile - completely new route and roads for me - very nice very pretty a few less than great road surfaces but most were nice to very nice and the view was great - we evne had a little color in the trees. I had been told the riding North of Raleigh was very hilly but did not find the hills to be as tough as the 42 miles Team CBC ride - there were more hills but just not as hard. I started about 10 minutes behind the main group so did not get many pictures but I have a few and I accidentally restarted my Garmin before resetting it so the route looks funny but if you want to see it the loop is there to see. I did average 17 5 which is very good for me and I enjoyed the ride a lot. There was lots of food for after the ride and it was good. All in all a good event.

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My weight today is 352.0 pounds

Well I got the tires replaced Friday evening and that went well - I guess I have a slow leak in the left had one - need to replace that tube before this weekend.

I ordered and got Utah Trikes steering mod for my Tour - if is suppose to let one turn sharper with out making the trike harder to control. I hope to install it this week and see but the weather looks bad for that.

I also ordered and received a new jersey from Aero Tech Design's they make in the USA and sell a whole line of cycling clothing but also have large sizes - I could not get them to move the pocket to the front but I beleive I can get that done here in Raleigh. I will let you all know how that goes. It wil be nice to have some more and new jerseys. They have my size in White and Blue.

Monday, October 5, 2009

16 inches lost from somewhere.

Something interesting - when I went to Jenny Craig on 9-23 I had them measure me - I find it hard to do myself and it is one of the things they do to help track ones progress. According to theses last measurements I have lost 16 total inches compared to my first done one year ago - it must be going somewhere I wish I could see it. One thing interesting is my hips went down at first but are now .5 inches larger - I am assuming it is from all the riding and walking - we did not measure my quads or calves so except for the fact that they feel different to me I have nothing to compare them with. Jenny Craig measure chest, abdomen, waist and hips. I imagine they would have done quads and calves but I did not think about it at the time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Team CBC Greenway Ride

From my forum post -

I had a really nice ride - there were 3 places on this route where I had to get off the trike - once to lift it over some rocks blocking the entrance - thanks Tim - the second was some stairs that everyone had to carry their bikes down - the third was a board walk that was very narrow and the 90 degrees left hand turn that was just too sharp for the trike to make - also there was a hill that I never saw but was advised would be impossible for me to carry my trike up like the bicyclist had to do - Bob showed me a way to ride around it - Thanks Bob - there were about 12 of us on the ride

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I have found out where the ticking sound from the front of the trike was coming from - it is the bottom bracket - it is apparently loose - I can tighten the bolt but if I tighten it a lot the bottom bracket get stiff - I can feel some resistance when I turn the cranks - when it is lose enough to make loud ticking sounds I can feel movement when I pull on the cranks with my hand - as I tighten it I can get it to a point where I can feel no movement and there is no ticking when I ride at least for a while but the ticking starts again after a while - I am not sure how to get it tight enough but not too tight.

My weight was 350.8 pounds this morning.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

No harm but I guess it is a foul

From my forum post -

I had a great ride so did turtle - I did not have the great legs today as the last couple of rides or most likely this ride was just faster - I averaged 17 mph - I did enjoy the ride and the being pushed.
The others on the ride were great and a lot of fun to ride with.
I did have one strange and slightly unpleasant event. After the store/rest-stop a number of car were passing the group - I was about 8 bike lengths behind the group and the cars were passing us in groups. Toward the end of one group a black SUV passed me and pulled close to the shoulders then half way up the hill he almost stopped - there was traffic in the other lane and a ditch to my right - all I could do was stop - thankfully Turtle has two disk brakes on the front wheels also it is almost impossible to do a header and she has a lot of braking power - no real problem except for losing all my momentum - trikes can also start pretty easily on hills - when the black SUV pulled away there was no other traffic in front of him - I can only guess he did it just to be a pain - well no harm but I guess it is a foul

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