Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Brick run

I had a good run, was not real fast I was pretty tired - I tried to push myself but did not fell like I was going as fast I can sometimes - I felt OK except for being tire - no pain anywhere - I was a little down I had found out the a dear friend was moving away - I understand why and agree with them as to why they are moving - I know I may be being selfish but I will truly miss my friend but I do wish them Gods speed.

Time: 00:37:38
Distance: 2.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 145 ft
Calories: 404 C
Avg Temperature: 82.7 °F

Tuesday Brick run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday Brick Ride

This was a different ride - Met Bryan there and we did two loops before Peggy arrived - we all wait for Peggy's sister Donna to get there - she and Jay her friend arrived about 5:30 - the five of us did one loop then Donna and Jay left and Peggy, Bryan and I did one more loop - Bryan cut off about halfway to ride home it was still a nice ride.

Time: 01:55:21
Distance: 24.71 mi
Elevation Gain: 781 ft
Calories: 684 C
Avg Temperature: 89.6 °F

Tuesday Brick run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

My pictures are HERE

Tuesday Morning Run

Good run felt better this morning and was feeling like I was running a good pace - the numbers do not look that great but are not bad and are really better than they look - if you look at the splits I had a number of 16+ runs and some lower and the walks were pretty good also - there was one split at the beginning where the GPS must have lose its signal because it recorded a one minute walk at 30:00 which is the max it will record - any way I felt good had a good run some minor pain in the right Achilles at the beginning that went away quickly other than that nothing - I slept well last night not as long as I had planned did not get to sleep until 11PM but that was OK I was planning on 10:30 PM - I ate a little Peanut Butter last night after the run but other wise stuck to the food plan and schedule - I am looking forward to the brick this evening then my weightlifting and running day off Wednesday.

Time: 00:18:47
Distance: 1.04 mi
Elevation Gain: 39 ft
Calories: 195 C
Avg Temperature: 69.6 °F

Tuesday Morning Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 13th run

OK well it was a good run but I was not feeling strong and just not to great - glad a I ran - enjoyed the run but did not feel great - usually when I run and feel poorly at the beginning I will get to be feeling better as I run but not today - I did not feel worse but just got to feeling more amd more tired - going to try to get to bed as early as I can tonight - maybe that will help - nothing hurt which was great at lease - time was poor but not the worst one I have had so in a way that was good also.

Time: 00:58:02
Distance: 3.01 mi
Elevation Gain: 120 ft
Calories: 702 C
Avg Temperature: 93.6 °F

Tir na nOg Run Club 13 run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Morning Run

I had a good run - I was not feeling great at the start but got better about half way - some strange tightness/pain left leg midwat between knee and ankle - it got better as I warmed up - no foot paroblems of anything else but I was feeling tired and it shows in my times but still it was not a bad run maybe Tuesday I can get back to running two miles.

Time: 00:19:49
Distance: 1.07 mi
Elevation Gain: 38 ft
Calories: 197 C
Avg Temperature: 64.5 °F

Morning Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Team CBC Bass Lake Ale House ride

t was a good ride - I was not feeling great for about the first half of the ride - I was riding well no problems, legs a little tired but not too bad - the weather was good - it seemed cool to me most of the ride even though the temp was in the upper 80s - it was a big group and some of the were not comfortable riding in a large group - also there were some having trouble keeping up with the pace - I am not sure that everyone understands the difference between pace and average speed - I felt pretty good on the second half of the ride and we had a real nice gathering at the Ale house after the ride.

Time: 02:41:24
Distance: 47.38 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,191 ft
Calories: 1,001 C
Avg Temperature: 85.2 °F

Team CBC by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

My pictures are HERE

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Galloway Training Run 14 - 8.32 miles

OK first long run in two weeks well sort of long 8 miles - first longish run since starting to use KT tape - my heel felt better - it hurts some now but was not bad on the run - no stabbing ice pick pain - both feet have some bottom on the foot soreness but again not as bad as I have had before - I will likely only run 8 mines again next week - I believe I should be able to get to a point where I can run without this sort of pain - I bought 6 more pair of the Omega tek socks from Omega sports - I really like this store - I also bought three tek shirts - all white - a Nike, Brooks and Adais - I would have gotten some shorts in the had any but they did not - In general I had a good run but I did not fuel properly - I bonked at about mile 5 and had to slow down while my body caught back up - I ate all my Sports Beans and used almost a whole Gu flask but the stuff work and in about 10 minutes I was good and running normally - my Gym Boss died - not sure what happen but I missed it - I just sort of free lanced it and ran as long as I felt it and walked when I needed to - after I post this I am going to do what I will call active recovery which means that if my body wants to I am going to take a nap

Time: 02:38:13
Distance: 8.32 mi
Elevation Gain: 466 ft
Calories: 1,445 C
Avg Temperature: 77.8 °F

Galloway Training Run 14 - 8.32 miles by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday weight lifting

Just recording my heart rate during my weight lifting workout. I did three sets of ten reps each, pulls ins, dumbbell curls, seated dumbbell presses, pull downs and pull ups.

Friday weight lifting by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride

Really nice ride - big group - good weather not hot to me - there had done some road repair near Sharon Harris and I believe so bit from the road repair got into some of the limited space area around the rear wheel - I was hearing a noise and stopped several times to look for the problem - several other including Mat and Tim to help - that was very nice - I lost some time do to this but had no real problem I need to put turtle up on her block and clean and check her out to get her ready for the Tour - maybe Saturday afternoon

Time: 01:45:15
Distance: 29.67 mi
Elevation Gain: 981 ft
Calories: 761 C
Avg Temperature: 84.6 °F

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Morning Run

Really good run this morning - got to work early enough to do my first two miler from work in the morning - OMG it was cool out this morning muggy a little but not bad and really cool. Everything felt good no problems and no pain - I ran with out the KT Tape this morning - I ordered large roll so I will not worry about using it - I am not sure how much to use it - I do not know if I should remove it and leave it off for a while before putting it back on again - I do mostly want it to be fresh for the Saturday run and stiil good for Tir Na nOg - I will have to figure this out - I am looking forward to the Galloway run Saturday - I am wanting to see if the KT tape help when I do 7 or more miles.

Time:00: 35:48
Distance: 2.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 83 ft
Calories: 438 C
Avg Temperature: 65.8 °F
Morning Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Resistance workout

OK - well I made it to the gym - I did not do this very well and will do better Friday - I plan to go to the gym not on Wednesday and Friday mornings before work - I just had trouble getting myself to get up and go to the gym - Wednesday and Fridays are to be my none running days which means I will run at least a mile four days a week - ride three days a week and lift two days a week - from now on Iwill pack my bad the night before and get up a little earlier than I did this morning - I want to try to get to the gym by 6:20 AM so I can lift or whatever until 7:20 AM so I can get out of there by 7:30 AM - this morning I only did three sets each of pull backs, dumbbell curls and dumbbell presses - I do sets of 10 then on the last set I do until failure - I want to do three or four more exercises and have some time to stretch also some swimming would be cool most likely not enough time for all that - may need to get up and go earlier later on will just have to see how I do - it was so cool out this morning - so sorry I was not running - 69 degrees when I went to the gym maybe it will be cool Thursday - I konw the data looks strange but I mostly wanted to record my heart rate.

Time: 00:13:18
Distance: 0.27 mi
Elevation Gain: 164 ft
Calories: 108 C
Avg HR: 104 bpm
Max HR: 129 bpm

Resistance workout by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday evening brick

Had nice but short ride - rode with Bryan and Jo - felt great - got chased in by the rain - been very wet once today was enough - going to the gym to run on the treadmill

Time: 00:54:09
Distance: 12.18 mi
Elevation Gain: 381 ft
Calories: 303 C
Avg Temperature: 80.6 °F

Tuesday evening brick ride by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Well this was the first time I have run on a tread mill - I have walked on them a good bit but never tried running - well I do not like it or at least I would prefer to run outside but it was raining and I had already been wet today - it was not too bad but boring - it was dry at least - feet and everything else were fine - I am sure I will have to use it a lot this winter and be happy it is available

Time: 00:36:52
Distance: 2.17 mi
Calories: 495 C
Avg Temperature: 77.7 °F

Tuesday evening brick run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Garmin Forerunner 310 XT wrist band extension

Garmin does not offer a wrist band extension for their Forerunner 310XT. This was bit of a problem for me - I really like this device but had to use the last hole on the wrist band and even then it was pretty tight.

Garmin does sell a set of replacement band for the 310xt and I found out the one can take the buckle side of it and create ones own wrist band extension.

All you have to do is cut off the part where if gets wider, round off the corners if you like and insert it into the original buckle and there you go an wrist band extension where none existed.

This works where or not you are using the quick release or not.

Morning Run

Had a really good swim - I mean run this morning - LOL - my first run in the rain - it varied for sprinkle to pretty stead but never dot to what I would have called a down pour - it was nice and cool however. Had a funny little pain in the right ankle - it was in the front to the left of center - did not hurt all the time just once in a while during the first third of the run - also a little soreness in the right Achilles otherwise no problems - had the iPhone with me without a cover on it - big mistake - did not let it get very wet and it seems to be OK but I was worried about it the whole run - carried the Gym Boss in my hand to keep it more or less dry - so far everything seems to be fine - note to self - carry extra dry everything when I may run it the rain to change into afterwards - feet got wet and it did not seem to be a problem of course this was just one mile but I have now run in the rain and it was no bad - I would not do it if it were cold though - I wore a bucket hat, it has about a 2 inch brim all the way around which keep a bit of the rain off and kept my Blue-tooth headphones dry - the hats top did leak after about two thirds of the run.

Time: 00:18:39
Distance: 1.10 mi
Elevation Gain: 46 ft
Calories: 261 C
Avg Temperature: 72.4 °F

Morning Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 12 run

Really good run tonight - it rain just before we started and cooled off nicely - I felt good on the run and had a good pace going - nothing hurt - I add a little bit to the route so I could get at least 3 miles in and in-spite of this I ran my best time yet here - I know at some point I will not keep getting faster each week but I intend to enjoy it while it lasts and keep pushing.

Time: 00:52:45
Distance: 3.00 mi
Elevation Gain: 116 ft
Calories: 824 C
Avg Temperature: 78.4 °

Tir na nOg Run Club 12 run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Morning Run

Good run this morning - not hot and just a little muggy - I felt funny this morning like my gate or cadence was off - I just pushed as hard as I could and tried to get into a normal feeling run and it did get better as I ran - it looks like this is my fastest morning run - maybe I should feel funny more often or all the time. No pain every thing felt good - from time to time I am doing something wrong with my left knee - it feels like I am slightly bending it the wrong way while running.

Time: 00:18:36
Distance: 1.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 49 ft
Calories: 272 C
Avg Temperature: 73.2 °F

Morning Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Team CBC Green-way ride

We had 34 ride today - a large group - I had a good ride and enjoyed the group - there were many folks I did not know know - it was nice to see so many new CBC Team member - these rides are not hard but always seemed hard than one would think a Green-way ride would be - we had one flat - one chain suck - one clip-out fall and one face plant but he was not badly hurt - I heard after I got home from the ride that we dropped 7 people - this was not intentional and I feel bad that it happened - I took a number of pictures while riding and the new Sony camera seems to be easy to use while riding - I will just see how the pictures came out.

Time: 02:38:20
Distance: 28.77 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,109 ft
Calories: 1,123 C
Avg Temperature: 89.7 °F

Team CBC Green-way ride by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

My pictures are HERE

Saturday, August 21, 2010

White Deer 5K - Garner NC

Wow - I did it I ran my first race - guess there is mo way I or anyone else can not call me a runner - feels good. I was nervous - I have no idea why but after they got us all to the starting area I was just about to jump I so wanted to run and do something with all this energy - when it did start is was good - I was mostly to the back of the group and with in the first minute I thought everyone had pasted me and within three minutes I could only see a few other runner in front of my - I was not able to start with a walk like I was suppose to but started running with everyone else then ran the ran the three minute run lap after that I walked one minute and ran three minutes - this worked very well for me I was either surprised when the Gym Boss buzzed me to walk meaning I was not hurting or I would be hurt a little but for twenty seconds or less - I did run the whole 5K - I did not stop for anything I found out haw difficulty it is to drink from a Dixie cup while running but I got most of the water down and did manage to hit the can to discard the cup. I did not think there was anyone behind me and after the group disappeared in front of me I was a little disheartened and was wondering why did I brother to do this race since I could not even see the group in less than a miles - after a little bit as I was running a long I realized I was enjoying the run and that it did not matter to my run where anyone else was so I just keep pushing - I was feeling good and it was nice out there - it was not hot and and not muggy - a little over half of the route was shaded and there was a little wind from time to time - it was really neat when the support people would talk to me to encourage and some clapped - it was strange how nice that was - I saw one couple sitting at the end of their drive way and as I passed they clapped and then the man patted the empty chair beside him - I laughed and told him thanks you but that was not funny - he laughed - it was cute - after about 2.5 miles I found that my legs were getting tire which was unusually for me I usually am not not going hard enough to get my legs tired but the feet and nothing else were hurting so I was just trying to see how much I could go - when I was about 50 yards from the finish Harden from Galloway who also had run the race was there waiting for me and ran with me in to the finish - that was really neat - when I got close to the finish and saw the clock I realized I could get a new PB for this distance and tried to go a little faster - I am not sure I did but I tried - when I crossed the finish I stopped and found I was a bit wobble which was a surprise because I had not had any problem running - I then realized I was wobble because I could not move my left foot - when I looked down I saw the was a guy down there holding on to my foot cutting the timing chip from it - after he let go I was fine. There was no timing mat at the start so we all go the same start time and I was way in the back - I started my Forerunner 310XT a little bit before the start line - my chip/official time was 00:53:36.2 - my time from my Forerunner had me finishing it in 00:53:23 - either one would be a PB for me so I am very pleased - I have no idea if this race was in any way like others it was small but I felt it was well done and I enjoyed it - I met and talked to several runner before the start - everyone was very nice and I enjoyed the run - I can see myself doing this again as well as some others also I would recommend it to others.

Time: 00:53:23
Distance: 3.18 mi
Elevation Gain: 90 ft
Calories: 962 C
Avg Temperature: 77.8 °F

White Deer 5K - Garner NC by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

My pictures from the run are HERE

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride

Nice easy ride - weather look threatening but turned out to be nice - if you ditched this ride because of the weather you missed a nice ride. I rode an easy pace to prepare for my race Saturday - it was a nice little workout with no impact on my feet.

Time: 01:29:27
Distance: 20.49 mi
Elevation Gain: 751 ft
Calories: 498 C
Avg Temperature: 83.8 °F

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Morning Run

Good run - I felt terrible - it was not hot but very very muggy - interesting how I can enjoy the run but feel bad at then same time - some soreness in the right heel but not the running induced pain everything else felt fine - most I have run in a week - 1 mile and 3 miles on Monday, 2 miles and 2 miles on Tuesday, 1 mile on Wednesday and 1 mile Thursday - resting from now on for the race Saturday.

Time: 00:19:59
Distance: 1.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 47 ft
Calories: 277 C
Avg Temperature: 72.4 °F

Morning Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Morning Run

Good run - strange out there today - very dark did not even need sunglasses which is unique for me - my eye are so sensitive to light that I almost always wear sunglasses - I guess we just have deep cloud cover it was completely over cast - feet felt good maybe a little soreness from the run last night but no pain - KT Tape is still sticking - I am assuming as long as it is where I put it that it is still working - I will take it off after my ride Thursday because I am not running at all on Friday to prep a little for the race Saturday - I must admit I am a bit nervous about it because it is so new - I just do not know what to expect - I have been doing well with one minute walk and three minutes run so I plan to do that Saturday - everything else felt great - I was trying but just could not get my pace up like I wanted to - I always try to my my pace goals on this run because it is short - The Garmin Forerunner 310XT is just so great - I am so glad I exchange the 405cx for the 310XT

Time: 00:20:12
Distance: 1.09 mi
Elevation Gain: 45 ft
Calories: 245 C
Avg Temperature: 78.4 °F

Morning Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Night Brick

Good ride - was not feeling great had a good ride and I enjoyed it - still having problem with the right leg - I believe it is due to the seat being wore out - it sags in the middle at the bottom and I cannot get it tight enough and when I do tighten it up it does not stay tight - I am going to have to try buying a replacement - iSport has been moved and seems to be working better but I am still not sure it is working perfectly - I expected there to be a lot of others out there but I was alone and there was no one else there until I was packing up Turtle so I could run then three others showed up to ride.

Time: 01:23:20
Distance: 23.99 mi
Elevation Gain: 722 ft
Calories: 592 C
Avg Temperature: 93.2 °F

Tuesday Brick Ride by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Good run - again not feeling great but OK - was sort of hot but not too bad - no pain both feet did well - not sure if it is the KT Tape it is still sticking well - I ran 4 miles today and rode 24 miles - I was really trying to push it but I just did not have it in me to go any faster - had to buy food after the run - I am really tired not so I want to get this finished and get to sleep

Time: 00:39:06
Distance: 2.05 mi
Elevation Gain: 140 ft
Calories: 611 C
Avg Temperature: 93.2 °F

Tuesday Brick Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Morning Run from Home

Good run - no plan except to do about 2 miles - was nice not too hot but sort of muggy - felt good no heel pain - had an ache toward the back on the outside edge of my right foot but it went away quickly - I felt good - tried to push the pace but did not think I was doing well - the numbers look better than I thought they would but not what I was wanting - I may really be in trouble - I took part of this morning off to do something at home and I I got up about 7AM went to the bath room then put on my running stuff and went for a 2 mile run - who am I and what makes me thing I am a runner? It has been a nice morning.
I am really pleased with the Garmin Forerunner 310XT - it is so much better than the Forerunner 405cx for me at least - I am still learning how to use it but so far I really like it. It is much easier to read - bigger display character and up to four sets of data on the screen at one time and four different screens of data to choose from.
KT Tape is still sticking well and seems to be helping but I do need a longer run to be sure. I plan to see if it will last until the Thursday morning run or even longer. I have found one can buy it is bulk from Amazon.com - it is a bit of money but makes it a good bit cheaper to use.
I am also very please with the Sony TX5 camera - it is very easy to use in-spite of it many options and modes - it does take very good pictures.
Time to take care of mu project here at home this morning.

Time: 00:37:28
Distance: 2.02 mi
Elevation Gain: 36 ft
Calories: 470 C
Avg Temperature: 77.7 °F

Morning Run from Home by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 11 run

Good run - little soreness in the right Achilles but not the pain - after a little it it was not hurting at all - no problems or pain anywhere else - I felt a little tired and did not think I was doing very well but I was trying to push the pace - I set myself some goals - I want to get my running pace down into the 15s and running up hills to the 16s also I want to get my walking pace into the 17s and walking up hills to 18s - my pace is improving but slowly - I did my best speed on this route tonight in spite of having to stop completely at one intersection due to the cars. I did not get an email about earning my T-shirt - Puglys is not sure they send out the emails every week - I want the shirt but I am not worried about it - I do not plan on making a special trip to pick it up anyway. Three miles was not a problem and I also do not believe that 4 or 5 miles would be a problem - I am not sure about 6 miles so I plan to do my next long run only to 6 or maybe 7 miles - once I find out what my no damage to myself distance is then I will do it plus 10 to 25 % more until that distance become pain free - I hope I can stick to this plan - I am really surprised how much I enjoy the running - I want to go faster and farther without damaging pain.

Time: 00:54:26
Distance: 2.92 mi
Elevation Gain: 115 ft
Calories: 919 C
Avg Temperature: 92.6 °F

Tir na nOg Run Club 11 run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Morning Run

Good run - nice out there this morning almost cool and not too muggy. I went out a be hesitantly but did well and soon was running normally. I have the TK Tape on my right heel and even through it was hurting a little the pain was more like I was hurt before and am still tender than I am being damaged. If anything the pain subsided as I ran. The KT tape does not feel like it is doing anything but at least it does not hurt. I like the fact that it can stay on for several days - that means I can apply it on Friday evening or Saturday and use in until after Greenfield on Tuesday. It would be nice if it would last until after my Thursday morning run. No other pain or problems this morning - it was nice to go run again - I do not know why I like it - I was not feeling that great this morning but still wanted to go run.
I have high hopes for the KT Tape - I am not sure how it works or if it will for me but if it does that would really be helpful and worth the money. There are two different methods that I watched on the videos - I am not sure which would be the best of me - also it looks like one could combine the two - it would require three pieces of tape but if that significantly reduces or eliminates my heel/Achilles pain it would be worth it.

Time: 00:19:37
Distance: 1.05 mi
Elevation Gain: 202 ft
Calories: 274 C
Avg Temperature: 74.3 °F

Morning Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Galloway Training Run 12 - 10.06 mile

Good run but yes I hurt - I arrived at 5AM and ran alone up Six Forks - I did 3 miles alone and it was very nice - the I ran 3 miles with the group and then 3 miles back to start with Herb after that I when out and did a mile on my own - you can see from the splits that my heel really started to hurt at mile 7 - I like the running but I really hurt right now. I am not sure if it is getting better or not but I think it is. I guess for now I will just keep running. Took a few pictures today with my new Sony TXC Tx5 camera - seems to work well. Going to take a nap and pray my feet stop hurting.

I used the new Garmin 310XT today - it seemed to work as well and the 405cx but I found it easier to use and love the 4 data fields - I think it was good to make the exchange.

Time: 03:22:46
Distance: 10.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 566 ft
Calories: 2,781 C
Avg Temperature: 83.1 °F

Galloway Training Run 12 - 10.06 miles by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

My pictures are HERE

Friday, August 13, 2010

Morning Run

Good run - was not real hot but not cool and it was of course muggy. Everything felt good - no problems - I was a little tire from the 34 mile ride last night - I heart rate was elevated for a while last night after the ride but it was down to the low 50s this morning and I felt fine during the run - time to rest now for the Long run Saturday. Still not sure what I will do 8 at least maybe 10 or even 12 miles if I feel well enough or if my feet do - LOL

Time: 00:19:04
Distance: 1.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 41 ft
Calories: 173 C
Avg Temperature: 74.3 °F

My GPS data is HERE

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride

A real good and fast ride - likely the last ride we will be able to get all the way to Old US 1. We have a good crowd and a couple of new folks. It was very hot but not wet this week. I am still having problems with the seat cutting off circulation to my right leg - going to get that foam seat insert to see if it help - I hope it is not too hot. Otherwise Turtle is function perfectly. John from iBike sent me an email telling me to move the iSport saying where I have it mounted is not a good place - I will try to mount it where he suggests. I had turned it on it's mount to make it more parallel to the trike. I am looking forward to the Team CBC ride Sunday and my Galloway run Saturday.

Time: 01:55:37
Distance: 34.43 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,066 ft
Calories: 1,016 C
Avg Temperature: 91.9 °F

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Morning Run

Good run not too hot but again very very muggy. I ran with the Gym Boss this morning and it does my Galloway's method easier - I have found I can clip it under the wrist band of the Forerunner and it works great - I can hear it and feel the vibrations - it is also easy to look at to verify what lap I am on.Tiny bit of pain at the very back edge of the right heel this morning but if got better as I ran and it does not hurt at all now. Not planning to run at lunch time today if is just too hot to run and then come back to the office. I need to get more Action Wipes. I am still trying to decide what to do about the Forerunner 310XT - it would be great to have for swimming. Looking forward to the Slow Spokes run the evening but not if it looks like rain.

Time: 00:19:24
Distance: 1.08 mi
Elevation Gain: 29 ft
Calories: 205 C
Avg Temperature: 74.3 °F

Morning Run at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Morning Run

OK real good run this morning - not too hot but very muggy - everything felt good - these short run fool with me some - I feel so good doing them I assume I will not have problems with the long runs and then try to run too far - Oh well at least I can really enjoy the short one. I go to the office early enough to run two miles which was my plan only to find people waiting for me as I walked in i my running clothes - the network was down and even though I do not start work until 8AM I just could not leave until I got it up so I only got to do one mile - well at least it lets me compare it with my other runs on this route of this length. Going to try to run at Lunch today and a t 3PM break - that break is only 15 minutes so it will only be a 10 minute run - may or may not be worth it I will just have to see.

Time: 00:18:43
Distance: 1.05 mi
Elevation Gain: 44 ft
Calories: 217 C
Avg Temperature: 84.3 °F

Morning Run at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greenfield training ride

HOT - hot ride - I was not prepared for it to be so hot - It usually cools off during the ride and even through it did a little but not much. It was not too muggy so while moving it was not terrible but it was hot - otherwise it was a good ride - a little pain in the right calf and hamstring not sure why. I wimped out on the run - when I got done with he ride and it was still 94 degrees I decided not to run I just felt it was too hot. Sitting here in my chair after my shower I fell like a wimp but I really did just feel it was too hot. Hopefully I will be able to run Wednesday morning since I did not run tonight. I am really in trouble - I ran a mile this morning and rode 24 miles this evening but feel like I cheated because I did not finish the brick.

Time: 01:21:17
Distance: 23.99 mi
Elevation Gain: 719 ft
Calories: 628 C
Avg Temperature: 97.5 °F

Greenfield training ride at Garmin Connect - Details

Morning Run

Really good run - felt real good and enjoyed the run - once again NO foot pain - nice - did not have the Gym Boss but I still tried to do one minute walks two minute runs using the Edge 500 just as a timer. I am pretty sure I messed it up once but I think I did extra running so that is OK - I was therefore not slaking off - I will have to check but this maybe my best time on this run. I know I will only continue to improve my time like this for a while but I intend to enjoy it while it lasts. I am looking forward to the Brick at Greenfield this evening. I may try one to three on this run some morning I am feeling well - it is so short I believe I will be OK.

Time: 00:19:20
Distance: 1.07 mi
Elevation Gain: 41 ft
Calories: 209 C
Avg Temperature: 84.5 °F

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 10 run - T-shirt run

Good run - Hot tonight - I was not feeling great when I got there I had to talk myself into doing the run - the first 7 minutes or so were pretty hard but then I got to feeling better and realized that even though I had not been feeling great I was doing a pretty good pace so as I got to feeling better I tried to push harder. Tonight was my best time yet at this run also I had no and I mean no foot pain. If I could just get my feet to feel like they did tonight I could do a lot better at the longer runs. I ran tonight with the Gym Boss and had it set to one minute walk two minute runs - this was a real good setup for me at this time at the end of the two minutes I was just begin to feel the pace. I plan to do this at the White Deer 5K this coming Saturday. I admit this has me a little concerned I just do not know what to expect but then this is why I am doing the 5K.

Time: 00:53:50
Distance: 2.94 mi
Elevation Gain: 110 ft
Calories: 713 C
Avg Temperature: 92.8 °F

Tir na nOg Run Club 10 run - T-shirt run at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Team CBC 42 mile ride

I had a really great ride - I was a bit tired but after a short while I was feeling pretty good. IT was not too hot when we started out but got pretty warn by the end - I did not find it to be uncomfortable. After 30 miles Peggy and I got dropped - the group was suppose to be 17 mph and below average - when we dropped out average was 17.4 mph - Peggy and I rode together with Tim and several other from time to time on the way in. It was a real nice ride. Team CBC has some of the best rides and is one of the greatest groups I have been apart of.

Time: 02:31:41
Distance: 41.82 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,296 ft
Calories: 1,055 C
Avg Temperature: 91.1 °F

Team CBC 42 mile ride at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Galloway Training Run 11 - 10.25 mile

Really nice run - weather was good not hot but muggy although we did have a bit of breeze. Bottoms of my feet were good both feet after the run are five right foot got a little bit of pain at the very back of the heel but it was not bad however the right heel is hurting - it is not the same pain as before and I do not believe it the Achilles is hurting me at all but the heel is really hurting a lot by the 9th mile I just could not run and walking was extremely painful. The pain is in the center of the heal at the front of the heel by the arch. Where before it was like having my Achilles being pinched by a pair of pliers now it is like having a hot ice pick being stuck into my heel. I have it on ice right now and it is still hurting a lot. This is the first time ice has not relived the pain. I am really getting tired of the pain - I like running but I am not sure if I can do it if it has to hurt this much or maybe at this short distance it is just too painful to be fun. I will call the Doc Monday to see if they believe that help me or not. This is most annoying - nothing else hurts, calf's, shins, knees quads, hamstrings hips and everything else is find - just my right foot is killing me.

Time: 03:34:19
Distance: 10.25 mi
Elevation Gain: 619 ft
Calories: 1,890 C
Avg Temperature: 83.0 °F

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Morning run

Real good run this morning - felt good - pushed hard - I just felt like running. Was not hot or cool was muggy. Feet doing well - no pain in either Achilles - right heel a little soreness on heel toward the center on the inside edge of the heel - not sure what that is about. Legs were tired and stiff after ride last night was really pushing it trying to out run the rain - I did not do it got drowned - was very very wet last third of the ride last night. Slept well except for a short while after I woke up around 2:30 AM - went to bath room and was very thirsty - got a Fresica but had some trouble going back to sleep - legs were stiff and aching.

Time: 00:18:25
Distance: 1.03 mi
Elevation Gain: 41 ft
Calories: 173 C
Avg Temperature: 72.3 °F

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride

Good ride but wet wet wet - we all knew we were likely to get wet but went anyway - for me it hit about two thirds through the ride - much of the time it was not bad but it did come down so hard it was difficult to see - the high beam headlight did not help either - As far as I could tell everyone got back safely - this was the wettest ride I have done this year.

Time: 01:47:49
Distance: 30.56 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,056 ft
Calories: 843 C
Avg Temperature: 83.9 °F

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride at Garmin Connect - Details

Lunch Run

OK - good run - felt good and was a bit faster - avg moving pace was below 17mpm - feet both good - it was pretty warm 88.7 so that makes this run even better - the heat can really slow me down. I love these heel pads.

Time: 00:18:51
Distance: 1.03 mi
Elevation Gain: 32 ft
Calories: 246 C
Avg Temperature: 88.7 °F

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Greenfield Evening Brick

Good ride a bit warm at the start - but it did cool off some - felt good rode well - trike preforming well. Bryan showed up after first two loop - we rode together for one and a half loops - he then turned of to ride with some other because they were just arriving and I was going to run after my forth loop.

Time: 01:24:04
Distance: 23.97 mi
Elevation Gain: 748 ft
Calories: 624 C
Avg Temperature: 92.8 °F

Greenfield evening brick ride at Garmin Connect - Details

Good run - was a little tired after the ride but I guess that is OK - I was really trying to go faster but did not do very well - feet felt good - I am so encouraged - I have never run this much in one week. I now have a one layer pad in the left shoe and a two layer pad in the right seems to be working - seems to be too simple but it is working so far - bottoms of feet a little sore but I have done 4 miles today and three Monday.

Time: 00:40:13
Distance: 2.01 mi
Elevation Gain: 110 ft
Calories: 504 C
Avg Temperature: 92.7 °F

Greenfield evening brick run at Garmin Connect - Details

Lunch Run

Good run - warmer out there but I still felt good and no foot pain or almost none - I got a faster time but with a slower pace - not sure how that works - might be how the splits ran on the quarter miles. Next time I may hit the lap button manually so I can see the splits for the run and walk sections. I thought I would do better than I di-d I felt good guess the heat got me and I did not know it. One layer onf padding it the left shoe and two in the right seems to work the best - need to get another set for other shoes.

Time: 00:21:43
Distance: 1.02 mi
Elevation Gain: 32 ft
Calories: 204 C
Avg Temperature: 81.3 °F

Lunch Run at Garmin Connect - Details

Before Breakfast Run - My first BBR

Good run - yes run - I ran this morning - my foot is feeling so much better - I took out one of the two layer of the heel pad to see if it still worked and if it helped the left knee - did not work as well so I will put it back in and put in a one layer pad in the left shoe to see if that helps the left knee - the knee is not bad and not constant - it is just a little twinge on the outside of the knee right below the knee cap but 90 degrees to the left of the knee cap - it may just have to get use to the change. This is my best time ever on this route but is still slow for a mile - I just ran for a while and walked some not timer just what I felt like I am sure I ran longer than one minutes splits. I am going to have to get clothes for running from work.

Time: 00:22:48
Distance: 1.05 mi
Elevation Gain: 50 ft
Calories: 240 C
Avg Temperature: 71.4 °F

Before Breakfast Run at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 9 run

Good run tonight - little pad under the heel seems to have help - too early to be sure but my Achilles did not hurt and does not hurt now. My heel hurt some but I attribute that to the damage done Saturday or the new pad. This is my best time on this run. I run more or less the same as I usually do at Tir na nOg for the first two mile then since the Achilles was not hurting I began to try to push a bit harder - still no pain. Slight twigs in left knee - the Doc warned me that might happen due to the change in apparent leg length - I will try removing one layer of the pad to make it thinner to see if it still works but also lets the left knee fell better. So far this seems really good now I just have to be good and build up my distance on my long runs slowly - I think since I did 7 two weeks ago I will do 8 this coming Saturday and hope for the best.
After I get a little more experience with the pad I want to try the other one I have it the Cumulus 11 to see if they will be usable at least for shorter runs.
Next month I want to buy another pair of the Nimbus 11s so I will have two pair of the same shoes then I will use the Cumulus 11s for walking until they wear out.
After the run tonight and my talk with Dr. Curzan I am much more hopeful about my ability to run. When I asked him if I was too big or heavy to run he said no - you have good size strong feet that were designed for you and they are in real good shape. I will need some time for the right Achilles to heal and get tougher and the same is true with the bottoms of my feet they will get tougher in time. As the get tougher I will be be able to run longer and eventually faster with out damage and pain. He gave me a set of stretches to do - it really need to make a point to do the faithfully.

Time: 00:56:40
Distance: 2.91 mi
Elevation Gain: 111 ft
Calories: 832 C
Avg Temperature: 88.8 °F

Tir na nOg Run Club 9 run at Garmin Connect - Details

Before Breakfast Walk

Got to work a little late because I forgot the Forerunner and went hoe to get it when half way to work - got in the whole mile but I did try to push the pace a bit - was nice out this morning and as soon as I put the shoes back on my feet started hurting again so I will try to get a foot doctor appointment today. I have to get this fixed.

Time: 00:25:57
Distance: 1.01 mi
Elevation Gain: 28 ft
Calories: 195 C
Avg Temperature: 78.2 °F

Before Breakfast Walk at Garmin Connect - Details