Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Riding Midtown Half Marathon Route

Did a nice ride with Meri and Jon on the route for the Midtown Half Marathon - it was interning seeing the route before running it - there is a kill hill climb at the end and a good hill at about mile 6 and 7 - should be a fun run -

Riding Midtown Half Marathon Route by ashby3

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tir na nOg Club Run #63

Good run - we had the whole crew tonight - Jon, Emily, Meri and Bert - it was great to run with everyone - it was a bit warm but this is the end of May and it had cooled off a bit from earlier today - I had a good run no problems no pain - it was fun -

Tir na nOg Club Run #63 by ashby3

Team CBC Brewery Ride

Good ride - it was nice and fun to do a Team CBC ride and to ride from the Brewery again - I was doing a recovery ride - a piano ride - I rode with Meri - we had a nice ride - the weather was good a bit hot but mostly cloudy - I was riding Turtle2 and she preformed well but I got me to decide to work on finishing working on the conversion of Turtle3 to Bionx - I have finished the wheel a couple of days ago - I worked out a way to mount the battery and mounted it and the console - took her for a test ride - I need to order a console cable extension so I can move the console to the right side - everything else is working fine - I hope to have her finished and on the road this or next week -

Team CBC Brewery Ride by ashby3

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Lunch Run

Good run - felt good and I was running well - first run since the Historic Half where i had a problem - I wanted to let my self rest well and feel like I have - I was expecting to be faster than I was today so that is disappointing but I still enjoyed the run - I would like to have run my 3 miles look but did not have the time - legs felt good - no problems no pain - I really must get back to work on the speed drills - I really want to be faster - I am doing well but not getting any faster - this is pretty hilly but I should be able to do it faster -

Thursday Lunch Run by ashby3

Monday, May 21, 2012

Historic Half Marathon

Good race - nice weather - traveled with Bert and Meri - we ran the Galloway first run of the season run before we left - we stayed at a nice Holiday Express which was 7 miles for the start and Expo - there were 6000 runners and this is one if not the best organized races I have done - they did about everything that could be done for us runner - the water stops were maned and supplied for the very last runners and there was food at the end for the last runner - the course was very pretty, great roads and a lot of local support also - I had a good race but not a great one I was running very  feeling very good until mile 9 with I got a little dizzy and felt poorly - I slowed down, took more walk breaks the just walked - I felt for a little while I might have to DNF for the first time but by mile ten just in time for Hospital Hill in was recovering - climbing the hill did wear me out more than it should have and I was not feeling like I could run so I just keep walking - I did finish and was able to run a tiny bit at the end - for the first time I visited the medical tent after the race - mostly I wanted them to take my blood pressure - they did and it was 130/90 which they said was OK considering I had just crossed the finish line and while sitting there I was feeling a lot better - I asked them to test my blood sugar also and they got 146 which is also OK I think since it was not a fasting and I had eaten some shot blocks and sports beans while running - two things that were different about today's run - I used Coppertone SPF30 sunscreen which I do not think had any effect on mt the other thing I tried was not eating at all before the race - I have done this with run up to 8 miles before and had no problem but I am pretty sure this was what cause my problem - I usually eat 3 to 4 ounces of cheese and also sometime a couple of ounces of turkey - I will not do this again - I have had a little stomach trouble during some races and longer runs but I guess since I am a fat burner I do need a little before the races - it is not a problem I just do not always feel like I want ti eat that early in the morning - I have another Half in two weeks and am going to do everything I can to recover as much as possible before that half so my training will be a little different for the next couple of week - can I spell TAPIR?

Historic Half Marathon by ashby

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Galloway 2012 Run #1

Great run - we had beautiful weather and a good turn out today - this was the first run for our Galloway Group - we did a nice 3 mile run - the group did well and it was really great to see some old friends return and meet a number of new runners - after the run Meri, Bert and I headed to Frederickberg VA do do the Historic Half  - everything went real well on the run - I was running well felt good and had a good run - no pain no problems - Meri , Emily and I are leading the 13 minute pace group - The Tapirs

Galloway 2012 Run #1 by ashby

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Evening Team CBC Ride

Real nice run tonight - we had a small group I guess due to the treat of rain - there were five of us - Leah, Stephanie, Jerry and Dave - we rode a sort of loopy route to keep us sort of close to the start in case the weather did close in - it is so pretty there and the road are some of the best I have ridden - I really like this ride - too bad it is such a long ride home - no pictures tonight - I left the camera at home - hopping to have Turtle3 back on the road with her Bionx next week -

Tuesday Evening Team CBC Ride

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tapir Run with Eric

Really nice run - our Tapir group meet with several other other of the Winter running groups and we all did part or all of the route for the Half Eric is in charge of - it was a nice run - we had a large group including Jon, Emily, Bert, Meri, Sue, Lori, Bill, Buddy, Loire, Christy, John, Boone, Eric, Ron along with some others. I was running well but not as well as I would like to have - guess i have just not recovered from the half and the metric last week - I will sill run and ride this week but will try to get myself to tapir so I will be in as good shape as possible to the Galloway first run and the Historic Half

Tapir Run with Eric

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Evening Team CBC Ride

Nice run - good group tonight - the weather turned out very nice - there did seem to be more traffic tonight I think due to the election - I made a mistake and got separated from the group in front of me and the ones behind - when I did not make contact with either group I set my GPS to return me to the start - I really hope I did not mess up anyone else's ride -

Tuesday Evening Team CBC Ride

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tir na nOg Club Run #62

Good run - ran with Meri, Emily and Jon - I was sort of tire and a bit sore but either my friends took it easy or I was able to keep up - Jon was also recovering - he had run a marathon Sunday then driven 10 hours back - it was a real nice evening for a run - I was wondering if I ran too fast but I am feel in real good - I almost never get to run with Jon and it was nice to run with Emily again - running with Meri is always great - the was a nice crowd there tonight -

Tir na nOg Club Run #62

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New River Half Marathon

Good race - well done event - the weather looked like it might be a problem - I was raining up until about 10 minute before the start and side the Full marathons stated 15 minute ahead of the half I assume they started in the rain - I do not know for sure - I was in my car listening to it rain think about not starting - i so did not want to run in the rain again but I put on my rain jacket and headed to the starting area - I made a last minute potty stop and when I came out it had almost stopped raining - by the beginning of mile two it had stopped so I took off my jacket and tied it around my waist - I had never run with this rain jacket before even though that is what I bought it for - I have no idea why I did not use it two weeks ago - I had it with me, dumb I guess - anyway running it it and having it tied around my waist both worked well and I think it will work well for me - parking for the event is in field right beside the start which is very nice especially this morning - This was a much hiller route than I expected and the hills really took their tole on me - I felt great and was running well - no problems like at the Flying Pirate - I was really running well but the hills just slowed me down something terrible a consume a lot of my energy - at 12.5 mile I was mostly spent - this race reminded me a lot of the Hatfield& McCoy and the Scream - we started at over 2800 feet and went to over 3200 feet _ wonder if that is enough to make it hard for someone who livers at about 150 above sea level - the event was well supported and nicely run - the medal is not a medal it is a woodal or at least that is what I call it it was made by a local artist and is pretty cool - hey it is still bling - I stayed at the Nations Inn - it was a very nice hotel and I would recommend it if you do this race - I would also recommend the race -

New River Half Marathon

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yasso #1

My first attempt at a Yasso - OMG - this was harder than I thought it would be - glad I only have to do it once a week - I did better than I thought while running - my Forerunner said I was always running plus 15:30 to 18:45 - it was most annoying - I felt like I was really pushing my pace but the Garmin kept telling something else - next time I do a training run I will try to also carry my 310XT to see what it shows me for a pace - I sure hope this get me a faster base pace - What i did was this ran about a quarter of a mile then ran almost as hard as I could for one half a mile pressing the lap button at the beginning and end of the half mile - then I turned around walked a little once I felt I recovered I ran back with some walk breaks -

Yasso #1