Monday, June 24, 2013

Team CBC Training Ride - 35 miles

Good ride - was fun - we got rained on - not too bad - Had a problem - tone of the screws on my left disk brake came loose - when I went to stop it torched the disk and bent it locking up the wheel -I had to remove the brake to finish the ride - this is the first time Turtle 3 had ever given me a problem - I was only going about 12 mph really glad this did not happen coming down a hill at 40 mph - otherwise a good ride -

Team CBC Training Ride - 35 miles by ashby

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Team CBC 50 miles Big Apple Route

Really good ride - beautiful weather - not even too warn considering it is the middle of June.  Turtle 3 ran beautifully no problems, I started with  he 17-18 mph group and did fine until about mile 20 after we picked up three cyclist from a faster group after that I could not keep up with the pace - we made a wrong turn and added 5 miles to the route but is was not a problem - when we got to the mid ride rest stop I had decided to return to the Traven but the 16-17 mph group got to the rest stop so I jumped in with  hem and was able to do that pace with out problem - so I did get to do the full ride and a little extra for a total of 55 miles - I installed the new mirror support arms before the ride to see if they would get in the way - they make it a little harder to get off but otherwise no problems - I will get the mirrors and computers mored to them before the next ride - I am hopping the will work as well as I hope -

Team CBC 50 miles Big Apple Route by ashby

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Galloway Training Run #4 - 2013

Great run - yes we got rained on but not too much - at least it helped it stay coolest - this was our first hilly run and everyone did very well also we at very close to our planned average pace - i was a little worried either because I was not able to run during last week or because of running two halfs in the last three week but I did great - I really enjoy leading the Honey Badgers - next week 8 miles - no problems or pains

Galloway Training Run #4 - 2013 by ashby

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Midtown Half Marathon

Good race - everything was well done - new route this year - skipping the bridge where I fell last year - I ran well and enjoyed the race but it was warmer and real humid I was only able to run 10 miles and walked the last three - well I did finish and get my Triple Crown medal - a good day -

Midtown Half Marathon by ashby