Sunday, February 15, 2009

Second ride with Slow Spokes

I wrote this about the ride on the website forum 'I had a great ride - was nice to meet everyone - looking forward to doing it again.' And I did.
This ride was another three loop ride but each loop was different and included some roads and some bikepaths. I had a real nice time and everyone was nice - they all had to wait for me many times but on one seemed to mind execpt me I felt like I was messing up other peoples rides. By the time we got back from the second loop I was spent so I bailed out on the third loop. However I was not as burnt as I had been before, I rested and waited around until the bike shop opened because I had never been in it and wanted a look. There was also a group meeting at the same spot who were riding a 37 miles route - I remmber hopping that some day I might be able to do that kind of riding again.

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