Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tango Tuesday

I had a real nice class Tuesday in spite of the weather - only Ellen, Katia and Don showed also Jason of course so we did have a nice group, I felt I made a little progress tonight. It always seems to me at least most of the time Jason works on things I need help with - I am sure he does not do that but it does happen a lot or maybe I just need help on so much it does not matter what he works on I need it - lol. Jason even told me what I was doing was very nice - I am not sure he has ever done that before and he said it several times - I did feel a bit more relaxed this week.
Next week Foundations 2 - we do things that are a bit more complex - cross step for one but I am getting a little better with this - also close embrace - this does not brother me but I worry about how the ladies feel about doing it with me. I made a comment about not having ever been to a social dance and got several comments from the ladies saying we were both good enough dancers to go to dances (Don and I are the students) Ellen and Katia are accomplished dancers - it is such a pleasure to dance with them and I feel blessed to have such as them to come to the beginner classes to help not that I mind dancing with the new dancers either some are better than others but they are learning just like me. Don even said something about this and I said I agreed with him about how nice it was to have them there and how boring it must be for them but they both said they enjoyed it Ellen told me she still learns something almost every class.
Ellen, Katia, Jae and Cecilia just started hosting the Practilonga - a 2 hour practica every Thursday night at Triangle Dance Studio. Ellen and Katia both said the helping in the Tuesday night classes help them when they teach - that is great.
I guess learning to Tango means I will have to get up the nerve to go to a social dance but when I started this I had a partner at least for dancing or I thought so but she does not dance any more so I am not sure what to do. I guess for right now I will just keep doing the classes until I get good enough.

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