Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 and Goals for 2010

I really did not start 2009 with any set goals but I did come up with some as the year progressed. I do not think met any of them.
I set a goal of riding 3136 miles - my age 56 squared. I only managed 2905 miles.
I wanted to lose 100 pounds I only lost 55 pounds. 100 pounds is less than 2 pounds a week I lost about one pound a week.
Riding more than in 2008 was not a big challenge since I only rode about 45 miles in 2008.
I am walking eight plus miles every week which I started in 2008 at about four miles a week.
I did make progress in January I could just finish a 7 miles ride by the fall before the weather and dark made it so much of a problem to be able to ride I was doing fifty plus miles most Saturdays and Sundays and a 30 plus mile ride on Thursdays and some Tuesdays.
My average speed when up from about 10 mph to 17 plus mph depending on the day.
I have reduced the medications I have to take.
I did do a number of charity ride including the MS which I rode 75 miles each day. My two longest rides of the year.
I have met a number of really great people while cycling and that has be truly wonderful. I am hoping to see everyone soon and meet even more.

2010 -
My goal is to lost 100 pounds - still.
My goal is to increase the normal distance I ride to 50 plus miles.
My goal is to increase my average speed to 19-20 mph.
My goal is to miss less riding opportunities.
My goal is to increase the distance I walk each week to 12-15 miles.
I think five goals is enough but I also want to add resistance training and a third type of aerobic exercise like swimming to my training.
My diet is so different that it has ever been in my life but I still feel there is room for improvement so I want to improve it.

I welcome input and encouragement fro my friends to help me stick to and make my goals.

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