Monday, May 21, 2012

Historic Half Marathon

Good race - nice weather - traveled with Bert and Meri - we ran the Galloway first run of the season run before we left - we stayed at a nice Holiday Express which was 7 miles for the start and Expo - there were 6000 runners and this is one if not the best organized races I have done - they did about everything that could be done for us runner - the water stops were maned and supplied for the very last runners and there was food at the end for the last runner - the course was very pretty, great roads and a lot of local support also - I had a good race but not a great one I was running very  feeling very good until mile 9 with I got a little dizzy and felt poorly - I slowed down, took more walk breaks the just walked - I felt for a little while I might have to DNF for the first time but by mile ten just in time for Hospital Hill in was recovering - climbing the hill did wear me out more than it should have and I was not feeling like I could run so I just keep walking - I did finish and was able to run a tiny bit at the end - for the first time I visited the medical tent after the race - mostly I wanted them to take my blood pressure - they did and it was 130/90 which they said was OK considering I had just crossed the finish line and while sitting there I was feeling a lot better - I asked them to test my blood sugar also and they got 146 which is also OK I think since it was not a fasting and I had eaten some shot blocks and sports beans while running - two things that were different about today's run - I used Coppertone SPF30 sunscreen which I do not think had any effect on mt the other thing I tried was not eating at all before the race - I have done this with run up to 8 miles before and had no problem but I am pretty sure this was what cause my problem - I usually eat 3 to 4 ounces of cheese and also sometime a couple of ounces of turkey - I will not do this again - I have had a little stomach trouble during some races and longer runs but I guess since I am a fat burner I do need a little before the races - it is not a problem I just do not always feel like I want ti eat that early in the morning - I have another Half in two weeks and am going to do everything I can to recover as much as possible before that half so my training will be a little different for the next couple of week - can I spell TAPIR?

Historic Half Marathon by ashby

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