Sunday, May 19, 2013

NCRC Inv. Half Marathon

Good run - Ran the whole time with Jon Turner - always a good time, Meri joined us at about mile 8 - was great to have them running with me I am sure it helped me push a little harder than I would have on my own - I was pleased to finished and am not unhappy with my time this is a very hilly half and it was very very muggy even if the temp was not real high - it was fairly warm compared to what we have been running in lately - they had said they were closing the race at three hours - was so very pleased to see the clock still up and running when I came in - 3 hours seemed very short for the hard of a route - very well done race - all support stations were opened and maned for us back of the packers - I ran the first 12 miles but walked almost all of the last mile - I think I finished forth from the last - nice not to be DFL today - Saw Bo, Brad and a number of other running friends on the course and Micki, Ivy and John at the finish - nice to be welcomed in by friendly faces - no problems or pains just still slower than I would like to be - good race -

NCRC Inv. Half Marathon by ashby

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