Sunday, November 7, 2010

City of Oaks - Rex Half Marathon

I am at home now - I have showered and am sitting with my sore feet up and with my first ever race medal around my neck thinking about the race. I enjoyed the run(lets face it I am not a racer) there were lots of my friends and Galloway runners out there both running and volunteering - they were very supportive as were all the volunteers and the other runners.
I enjoyed the run but I had problems which has upset me considerable - I felt I had really prepared well for this run and expected to have a really good run and to maybe get a better time than my last 13.1 miles run - at about miles four I started having pain between the ankle on the outside of my of my left leg - the pain came and went some strides would hurt the next several would not - the pain got worse and more frequently until when I met Jo-Ann at the 8 miles rest stop - I walked a mile with her - it was nice to see her and to talk to someone - before that I was running as much as I could and began running again when Jo-Ann dropped off - by now my left knee was also hurting - I am pretty sure it was hurting due to whatever I was doing to compensate for the other pain - seven times during the second half of the run the pain was so bad that I had to completely stop for a few seconds - sometime after miles 11 I had to stop running completely as even walking was becoming a problem - I really wanted to run but I just could not - it was very hard to keep getting passed by runners while I was walking to try to finish - I get passed all the time but if I am running it does not brother me - right now I am sitting here is a lot of pain - I did finish and I am pleased about that also I time was not the worse I have had at this distance but it was pretty slow - right now I am just frustrated with how poorly I feel I did at the run - soon I will be able to let go of that and will be happy I did finish and did not DNF my first Half Marathon.

Time: 04:22:53
Distance: 13.31 mi
Elevation Gain: 601 ft
Calories: 2,297 C
Avg Temperature: 46.7 °F

City of Oaks - Rex Half Marathon

My pictures are HERE

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Lesley said...

Congratulations, Ashby! No one can ever take this finish away from you! George and I are proud of you!

Heal up soonest!