Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Galloway Club run 26a

Good run. Nice to be back running with no race I am preparing for, I enjoyed both of the halves but they did add some pressure and now I can just run again with just work on improving and enjoying running. I did mess up the forerunner. I still had it set for the Trike when I started running so when I switched it to running it generated two different events but did record the run. I felt good. No foot pain but the Paruneel was hurting some again. I hope I can find a solution to that soon. It was fun to run with Galloway again to see some of the other runner in the Pacers. My weight was 297.2 pounds if the scale is telling me the truth. Blood sugar was 111 with no insulin the morning before. I will be going back to regular running now but will take off Wednesday, i am running an 8K Thursday Thanksgiving morning. My first 8K and Turkey Trot. I am not ridding Sunday, going to the JARSFEST with Dad. I am looking forward to it. I have not done much with Dad for a while and have not been to a hamfest for a long time.

Time: 00:10:49
Distance: 0.57 mi
Elevation Gain: 7 ft
Calories: 92 C
Avg Temperature: 54.3 °F

Galloway Club run 26a

Time: 01:38:00
Distance: 5.51 mi
Elevation Gain: 274 ft
Calories: 1,070 C
Avg Temperature: 54.3 °F

Galloway Club run 26b

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