Sunday, November 14, 2010

Outer Banks Half Marathon

Wow - I did it - I finished my second half marathon in 7 days - I got a PR - I did have some trouble with the muscle on the left side of my left leg - I found if I made sure I was landing outside of my foot first the pain would stop - cool - this was a nice and interesting run - the rest stop were good and the people were great - I was running well but at about 8 miles I felt like I was out of gas - I was not hungry nor did I feel like I was having low blood sugar - I ate some Sport Beans just in case I did bit carbs and because I hopped the caffeine would give me a kick - it did seem to help - I also ate some of my cheese - I got my second blister of the year - the weather was strange - it did not feel real hot but I was sweating a lot and it felt hotter than it was - I would do this one again especially it this group gets together again

Time: 04:12:41
Distance: 13.33 mi
Elevation Gain: 155 ft
Calories: 2,449 C
Avg Temperature: 66.6 °F

Outer Banks Half Marathon

Pictures from my run and trip are HERE

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