Monday, November 1, 2010

My two year update

OOPS! I went back and looked at my orginal blogs and I missed a month - turns out I started on September 30th not October 31st - Oh well sorry.  I have been asked for some before and after photo so here you go.

Two years ago October 31st September 30th I began my new life style with the goals to lose weight/fat and get and stay fit.
Well I feel I am doing pretty well - I would of course like to have made more progress but I have made good progress.  I started out at 410 pounds and yesterday I weighted in at 302 so that is 108 pounds lose.  I still want to lose another 20 to 30 pounds.  My current goal of getting to 286lb. means I only need to lose 16lb. but I am not sure it that will be enough.  The 286 pounds goal was based on a body evaluation I had done about 10 months ago and if nothing else changed 286 pounds would be 15% body fat but when I look at myself I do not think that 286lb. will be enough to pass the NMT (Nude Mirror Test).  I am not trying to have a six pack but do want to lose the Budda belly.  I have a hand held electronic body fat measuring device - I know they are not real accurate but they are relative accurate meaning one can use them to observe changes - knowing this my body fat has gone down by 19% since I started measuring it - I did not start measuring it until about six months after I started losing two years ago. I am taking half the amount of blood pressure medicine I was taking two years ago and one less pill for dietetics.  I have reduced the amount of insulin I take by 97.5% - I am looking forward to not taking insulin at all some day.
I still ride about 100 plus miles a week most weeks and walk a little - what new, well I joined Rex Wellness Center and do at least one core workout a week and believe it or not I started running - I was not even sure I could run and did not remember the last time I have tried to run.  A cycling friend invited me to join him and his wife in attending the Galloway Running Clinic here in Raleigh - at this time 23 weeks ago I have been thinking about could I possible run - also because I was thinking about it I had ordered a Forerunner from REI that was on sale just in case I might start running - well the first day we/I ran THREE miles - I had only ever walked two miles at the time and would not have believed I could do it - I got back dead last, emphasis on the DEAD - I was tired and hurting BUT at strange thing happened - I LIKE RUNNING - my feet hurt - I was pretty tire but I had run 3 miles - I could run - slowly but I could run - I took advantage of the nice discount Raleigh Running Outfitter gave us and replaced my "walking shoes" which had always hurt my feet with my fist pair of Asics Gel running shoes - these made a lot of difference in the pain in my feet - I have upgrade this first pair three times and have bought more running shoes this year than I have bought shoes in the last five years - I have run 14.3 miles as my longest run to date and I average about 20 miles a week running - this coming Sunday Nov 7th I will be running the City of Oaks Rex Health Care Half Marathon - I still have trouble believing it.
During my journey I have lived several different food life styles - all of them helped and were worth the effort I put in them at the time - I have come to believe that there is no perfect diet - what works for one may not work for someone else - most all work if one lives the life style - if you think of it as something you will do for a while then quit you are doomed to failure.  I started with Jenny Craig - their program helped me a good bit was was not a life style I could stay with - I then adopted the Zone System - this also worked but it was not helping my diabetes and I was finding it hard to stick with - now I am living the Paleo/Primal life style and even though the weight lose has been slow it is a easier life style for me to follow and it has had a consider affect on my blood sugar control - I believe I can live this way long term but time will tell - Ashby

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Good luck this weekend at the half Ashby!