Saturday, November 27, 2010

Galloway Club run 27

Good run - small group for the Pacers but we had a good run - I was planning to do 7 or 8 but most of the rest of the group was planning on 6 so I did 6 and it was a good run - man was it cold at the start - was real nice to run with Birt again we just seem to run well together - the conversation is great and we run about the same pace - he is a little faster than me but is nursing a leg pain - George was the along with Herb and Jackie - I ran very well today no pain not problems - it is so nice to run with out problems - my weight was about 295 this morning my blood sugar was 113 - I am feeling very well this afternoon and should have no problem riding Sunday -

Time: 01:53:11
Distance: 6.07 mi
Elevation Gain: 287 ft
Calories: 975 C
Avg Temperature: 44.5 °F

Galloway Club run 27

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Lesley said...

I heard y'all had a nice run! Glad your training is going well.