Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raleigh Galloway Training Run #18

Great Run - wow it has been a long time since I have ben able to say the - this is most likely the farthest I have run in three months and I did have a very good run - no problems but I did have a little pain in my right hamstring - and new one for me - and a little pain on the outside on my lower right leg below the knee - this was gone by the end of the run - I really felt good during the run - I ate my full normal pre-race/run breakfast this morning and that may have helped - I had been just eating a few ounces of cheese before runs - I did take and Endurlites and two Caffeine pills twice during the run - I was pretty tired after the run but felt good and I was not just destroyed as I have been previously - today was a big success - I believe my two mid-week run and walking at least a mile every day helped - had a great ime after the run - drove out and picked up two runner that needed help and waited to Meri to finish her 20 miles had a real nice lunch at Two Guys with Meri, Bert and Ivy - a great day -

Raleigh Galloway Training Run #18 by ashby

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