Saturday, September 29, 2012

Raleigh Galloway Training Run #20

Good run - not good weather - cool and rainy only thing worse is cold and rainy - I join the 15 minute pace group today as did Meri and Emily - everyone else in the group except Meri and I turned around at 3.4 miles - Meri and I did 5 then turned around - Meri went back out and did a second 10 miles - I was suppose to walk an additional 6 after the run but I was so tired I did not do it - I am a bit disappointed by this but it is what it is so maybe Sunday I will be able to do the 6 miles - other wise I had a good but slow run - I did have to walk in from about 9.2 miles - it did not rain the whole time but it did a good bit of the second half - Meri was a good running partner and I own her a lot - I felt very poorly after the run some of it was some stomach troubles but I also it was my longest run in 3 months - - I did finish

Raleigh Galloway Training Run #20 by ashby

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