Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Training Long Walk

Good walk - my coach has me doing walks the day after my long runs to prepare me for doing the OBX Challenge and Goofy both of which are back to back races - the OBX is an 8K followed by the full marathon and the Goofy is a half marathon followed by a full marathon the next day - in spit of the challenges I have had the last couple of months it is still my goal to do and finish both of these events also the City of Oaks half and maybe one more half before CoO - Last week I was suppose to run 5 miles on Sat. and walk 8 miles on Sun - because of riding 50 miles Sat. and Sun. at the MS Tour I did not run my 5 miles and I only walked 4 miles on Monday but it was all I felt I could do and at least it was a start - I had a real good week of running - I walked 1 miles at lunch every day and ran about 3 Wed. & Thr. I had my best run in a long time Sat. - today my coach wanted me to walk 12 miles but I was really spent after 10 and I had done the last mile in the rain so I only walked 10 - I am OK with this I will have to see what he says - I am committed to get caught up to his schedule - this has been a good weeks - thanks to all my friends for your support -

Sunday Training Long Walk by ashby

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