Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Evening Run

Good run - really good run the only thing that stopped it from being a great run is that I am feeling really spent, too spent after the run - I did not feel that way right after the run but about an hour and a half after it I am really exhausted - it was my best run and fastest pace in three month also my longest mid-week run in three months - I really felt good and strong during the run and only struggled on the big hill at the end a bit - I was going up it pretty slow and breather pretty hard - had lots of great company tonight, Meri, Bo(Maureen) and Geo - Bert joined Meri and I for dinner after the run also a very nice time - tonight really did feel like progress - now i must take it easy Thursday and then give myself a good recovery day Friday so I can do my 10 miler Saturday - no problems no pain and I am not needing any KT Tape right now -

Wednesday Evening Run by ashby

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