Sunday, September 2, 2012

Run Raleigh 8K

Good race but also a challenge for me - My friend Meri invited me to sweep the race with her and I did want to run the race - I did OK for the first mile, but began to slow down the next mile by the beginning of the third I was only walking I could walk at a pretty good pace but I did not feel I could run - at 3.1 miles I got a ride back to the start - My first DNF - I knew when I decided to do this race I might DNF - I felt I could finish walking but I would have just cause the race to stay open longer than they hopped to keep the course open - Running the first mile in 16s and the second in the 17s was still a victory  - if I had gone out a bit slower I may have run farther but who knows - before this race I tested myself and found I was in Moderate Ketosis  - I have been eating a very low carbohydrate diet to do this so I could start losing weight again and it was working, however I also have begun to believe that this diet is also slowing and staling my recovery - during this race I tried eating one packet of Cherry Sports Beans - total of 25 grams of carbohydrates it did seem to help me run - after the run I ate one half of an orange and had a bite of banana also a little cheese - I tested myself again and I was mostly out of Ketosis - now I will see how long it will the me to get back to Moderate Ketosis because I am going to put training for OBX and the Goofy before my weight lose -

Run Raleigh 8K by ashby

Monday about 24 hours after the run I again tested myself after going right back to my extra low carb diet and I was right back into Moderate Ketosis which is so great - it means I can use some Carbs for longer training runs without completely derailing my weight lose goals.

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