Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Long Walk

Good walk - I was scheduled to walk 6 mile yesterday after my 10 mile run - I was not able to do it so I planned to do it today hopping it would be of some help - I got pretty depressed after the run yesterday and had talked myself out of walking twice today when Emily called and said Jon wanted to do a short run and asked if I want to come walk with her - it really helped me get out of the house - Emily and i walked 4.4 four miles while Jon walked for 5 minutes then ran a fast mile out and back to us then walked 5 minutes - he did this 5 times then Emily headed back while Jon and I finished my walking - Jon got over 8 miles in - I had no problems or pains but could tell I was not fully recovered but otherwise did well -

Sunday Long Walk by ashby

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