Sunday, March 29, 2009

My first ride with NCBC - the Spring Rally

There seemed to be some displeasure from some of the riders at the Rally but I had no complains - however I did ride the 42 miles route so maybe the problems were on the longer route - I was late getting back and they were packing up when I got in.
Turtle had a great ride - I finished dead last but was not dead, I was tired. I thought the club did a great job setting up the Rally and fell it was well done. The weather turned out to be great even though it was raining when I left Garner. I most likely tried to do too much this weekend at least for me. I rode 35 Saturday and 45 today. I have not had a 70+ miles weekend in over 7 years. It is so great to be able to ride again. I am looking forward to when I can ride faster. I was really hurting the last 5 miles but I did finish. My GPS track is HERE. I have attached a few pictures.
My weight was 370.8 pounds today

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