Saturday, April 4, 2009

MS Spring Fling - training ride

I really over did it on this ride - I tried not to let everyone know but I was really hurting and it took me a long time to recover - several day to tell the truth. I did have a good time it just hurt.

Here is my comment about doing the ride -

I had a real good ride - I got in dead last but I enjoyed myself.
Here is a link to my ride - click here.
Pugslyyy who has been a real supporter to me and friend wrote this -

LOL, that's the important thing. Somebody has to finish last and to be honest I would be pretty depressed if you were finishing ahead of me on that trike!

And my reply to him -
Thanks - well I did finish - I was told they SAGed in a number from both routes - I do not know how many but that is OK too - it is one of the reasons to do this sort of ride - support - I also enjoy seeing and riding with other cyclists not that I can keep for long. The trike is great and I do not see why I can not ride it about as fast as any other bicycle, I blow the doors off most others on steep down hills so the problem is not the trike but the motor, me. I am working on improving the motor and reducing its weight. Right now I weight over twice of what most other cyclists weight, when I get down to a much lower weight I real hope I will be able to ride with the group most of the time, I would really like to be able to lead some.
I went to buy one of those talking scales several months back but when I got on it to test it the scale said "One at a time, PLEASE!"
This comment was from one of the MSFits team -
Congratulations, Ashby! I ride one of those Wiz Wheelz trikes too and blame my "blazing" (NOT!) speed on the little wheels. I vote that you shoot that smart mouth scale. Keep up the good work!

My weight today is 368.6 pounds.

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