Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

This was my preride post -

The trike is back on the rode - I had two good rides this weekend.I plan to ride this Thursday.

And my post ride post -

Had a great ride - I understand why some may have not come worried about the weather but it turned out fine. We had a small group but still a good ride - my thanks to the leaders.
Ouch! Toward the end of the ride at almost the top of a hill I came unclipped on my left side. I was really pushing and my foot hit the ground, hard then bounced up and hit my front wheel. Guess this is one disadvantage of being so close to the ground - lol. It did not hurt much and I was able to easily finish the ride, however when I got home and stepped out of the van my foot hurt, a lot. I can not find anything wrong with it it just hurts. Hopefully it will heal quickly.


Ricks reply to my post -

I am not sure that not being close to the ground is any better. Last year, I pulled out of the pedal while trying to accelerate to make a left turn across traffic. I ended up slicing my ankle on the front derailleur. That healed quickly, but it took several trips to the shop to get the front derailleur to work adequately. Besides hitting the derailleur, I hit the chain ring hard enough to warp it.At the time, I thought the injury to the ankle was the worst part. In retrospect, that was nothing. The ankle healed quickly, but I need to replace my chain ring before the bike will be back to 100%.

My reply to Rick -

Wow Rick that does sound worst to me - my foot is still real sore this morning but it is not worse just not better and I find after I walk on it a while 50 steps or so the pain subsides a lot but hurt again later after I have not been walking and start again. I got to thinking about it last night (not always a good thing to do - lol) when my heel bounced off my left front wheel if I had hit the wheel a bit lower it might have trapped my foot under it and I could have rolled over my own foot - that thought was not pleasant - I do need to be more careful about this.

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