Monday, January 5, 2009

Riding and wanting to ride more

January 2009
I took Turtle to the American Tobacco Trail, this is the same trail I had had my first two rides on but this was the paved section. I was riding when the weather permitted around my home but this was a nice pretty Saturday and I wanted to ride. I rode the trail one and a half times - 20 miles and was on the trike for over three hours. I was so tired when I got to the van I had to sit there on the trike and rest. When I managed to pull my self up I was wobbly on my legs for a bit and had to just stand there a while before I could step over the trike. I recovered after a little bit and load up the trike and drove home. My legs were real stiff when I got home but I unload everything, showered, ate and went to sleep as usual. Sunday I just rested. I did a little stuff around the house but did not ride - the weather was not great again and I felt I needed to rest. I was still eating properly or at least hopped I was - I still did not have a scale - it was hard to find a 400 pound home scale at the time. All I could find on the web was a $200 plus dollar one. I joined the NCBC - North Carolina Bicycle Club hopping there might be some rides I could do - everything on the website was either during the day or had an average speed way above what I could do.

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