Monday, November 24, 2008

Begining to ride - again!

November - December 2008
I was unsure at how other cyclist would think about riding with someone on an electrical assisted bike - at the time I got it I was so slow that I did not think it matter because I never expected to ride with anyone else. Because it helped me and made me feel a bit safer I continue to ride - I could still only manage 6, 7, 8 to 10 miles rides at first even with the Bionx, but they began to get faster. I would do the ride but finish faster. I was riding the same distances getting home and being totally exhausted. I usually set the assist level to One or sometimes Two because I did want to get stronger - sometimes on long flats I would turn it off. I would do one of my routes and get home park the trike in the garage and go inside, then I would make myself shower before I sat down because I knew once I sat down I was not get up for a while. Then I would eat a little something - remember I am still eating the way I learned from Jenny so I was careful with what and how much I ate - did I mention portion control yet - learning this really help me - I did not have a scale so I could not tell how I was doing but I was trying. Then I would recline in my recliner - with my meal I would have take some pain killer which were given to me by my doctor because of my attempts to exercises and how much pain I was in at the beginning. Then I would rub Mineral Ice on my knees because they would be sore and it helped and then I would fall asleep for several hours. And this was from a 8 to 10 mile ride - I hated that is was so short a ride but I was so pleased that I could ride again and I would feel real good when I woke up. My knees would hurt but my legs did not hurt just got a little stiff of a day. The weather limited how much I was able to ride but I rode when I could. Gradually I began to get better. A number of years ago before before health interfered with me riding to be honest I allowed job and relations issuses interfere with my riding before my health did but once the health issues came up I had pretty much stopped and when the did gang up on me I could not ride for quite a while - When I live in and around New Orleans I was a active member of the Crecent City Cyclist. I really enjoyed that group and miss them now.

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