Sunday, August 16, 2009

Greenfield Again

I went to Greenfield Pkw today to ride - there is nothing wrong with ridiing there in fact it is a real nice place to ride - it has almost no traffic at lease when I am there, it is close to home and it is a lot better workout than I thought it might be. Over the six mile route one climbs over 650 feet in elevation, there are 3 significant climbs one 5% , an other of 7% and the third which is mostly 8% but does briefly hit 9%. The only reasion I was a bit down on riding GF was that I was looking forward to riding with Team CBC but with out my Bionx I am just ont comfortable trying to ride that far. I did two loops and would have done one more maybe two but I noticed that my cycling sandal was getting caught on my crank shifter button occasionally and was tearing. So I stopped and went home I will try epoxying it Monday - my epoxy is at work.

GPS data from my ride here

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