Saturday, August 1, 2009

Turtle rides again and again

Posted this on the forun today -

Just to let those of you who have been asking. I am doing better. I still have a ways to go but it is nice to be better.

I did a short ride today - I still have a ways to go.

I will put more about the ride in my Blog.

Well I found my self back at the ATT today. It took every bit of will I could muster to get myself out of the house today but I did.. I was not feeling great but a lot better than I have been feeling.
When I first started to ride again I would go to the ATT because the trail was mostly flat and easy to ride . . .

Really tired - more later,

OK awake again but I still feel very wore out - I thought I would feel better after sleeping - I do not feel sick just wore out.

The ride was good but I had a good bit of trouble for about the first two miles but I felt better after that, It was hot but only 91 to 94 for the ride. Hot but not to bad for one - one good thing about grow up it south Louisiana. I stopped at the north end of the trail and drank and ate a South Beach bar. I then rode around the pedestrian mall there to see it and cool off a bit. I then returned to the southern end of the trail.

LOL - fell asleep while writing here last night - feeling much better this morning

I did not get any GPS data from my ride because I found out that if you do not charge you GPS even if you do not use it the battery goes down at least mine did. I also did not take any pictures - I have lots of pictures of the trail and there was nothing that was interesting.

From my cycling computer I know that I rode 13.45 miles @ 9.00 mph average and the ride lasted 1:41:50. Avg cad 46 max 87, I climbed 409 feet during 3.78 miles of the ride with an avg grade during the climbs of 2% and a max grade of 6%. The trail was i good shape and there were a few other people using the trail but not many guess it was too hot for some folks.

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