Sunday, March 28, 2010

Team CBC 40 mile ride from Aviator Tap House, Fuquay Varina

From my forum post -

I had a great ride or at least 3/4 of one. The trike broke after 31 miles. Jeff got my van and came back and got me and turtle - Thanks Jeff. The weather got a lot nicer than I thought it would we were not cold and the Sun came out for a while. I liked to route and I am hopping we will do it again. I even like the two great hills - there was just one poor road surface at least on the part I got to ride. The gathering after the ride was nice and a lot of fun.

On my trike whether the boom (the part in front where the cranks are) has two sets of braze-on that have bolts through them to clamp the boom to the rest of the trike frame. One of these bolts also mounts the idlers for the chain. It was the chain pulling on this bolt the tore the braze-on off. I have put a picture of the damage with the ride pictures.

My GPS data is HERE

My pictures are HERE

I really did enjoy the ride, I was riding well and having a good time. The ride was long for just one battery but I had done well riding most of the Saltbox Village ride on level one so I just tried doing the whole CBC ride on level one hopping it would extend the battery but it was gone by 29 miles. I was still doing fine I was riding well and there had not been any hard climbs to slow me down. I was in the right gear and was just climbing up a shallow incline for a railroad crossing when I heard a ping (I really hate the sound) then when ever I pedaled there was this strange sound. The strange sound was the Terra-cycle idler rubbing against the boom and the chain moving in the idler. I can not believe I broke my trike again just riding it. I treat her with so much care I try so hard not to abuse her. Everyone on the ride was so nice but I just felt again that I am just too big too heavy to be doing this. I do not plan on stopping but it is so annoying and a real pain that I keep breaking things just by using them. I have the Spring Fling coming up this coming Saturday that I have paid for and really want to ride and the next weekend I have the three day Spring CNC ride also paid for that I want to ride. I had already planned to get the Utah Trike idler mod for my Tour I hope it will be stronger and help this not happen again. I am trying hard to work through this but it is depressing to have my trike broken again.

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