Saturday, December 25, 2010

Charleston Half Marathon training long run

Good run - felt good and no pain no problems on a long room - it turned out to be a nice day in spite of what I thought it was going to be like - I ran with Sue, Margret and George for the first 8.22 miles and then I ran the rest solo - it was sort of lonely out there only a few others on the trail but it was interesting run with the trail so quiet - also there was almost no traffic when driving there - it was also strange have the mall parking lot empty when I got back - I feet are sore on the bottoms but other wise I am not having any problems - I ran the whole run and I could have run more but I was tired when I got finished -

Time: 04:06:26
Distance: 13.11 mi
Elevation Gain: 645 ft
Calories: 2,175 C
Avg Temperature: 42.3 °F

Charleston Half Marathon training long run

My pictures are HERE

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