Saturday, December 11, 2010

Training for Charleston Half

Real good run - not as good as last week but still very good and pretty fast for me - Met Birt, Meri Emily along with four other ladies - Birt and I ran together and the rest of the group ran with Meri and Emily - Birt and I had a good run but we went out a little too fast and were feeling it at about mile 5 - we just slowed a bit and it was OK - it was pretty cold and also very gloomy - I think the gloomy affected me some - just did not have the energy I did last week, Birt, Meri and Emily were feeling the same sort of thing - guess I am more Sun driven than I knew - feet were great so were my legs no pain no problems and we did a good speed - 10 miles again next week then 12 - 13 Christmas Eve or Christmas morning - I will be running solo Birt and Meri will be running Thursday with Emily - Birt videoed me running - I do not like what I look like when I run - it looks mostly like funny walking - it feels like running and is faster than my walking - I need to lengthen my stride to the back and increase my cadence - I believe if I can work on both of these it will increase my speed - I would really like to get to running a 10 or 12 minute mile - weight today was 295.4 pounds blood sugar was 94 -

Time: 02:22:50
Distance: 8.10 mi
Elevation Gain: 300 ft
Calories: 1,333 C
Avg Temperature: 38.6 °F

Training for Charleston Half by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

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Lesley Looper said...

Nice pictures of Meri, Emily, and Bert!